Maxfli Tour and Tour X Golf Ball Review

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The Maxfli Tour and Tour X golf balls make interesting claims about the benefits of “Center of Gravity Balancing.”  Promises higher, longer ball flight with CG alignment.  Solid value for a urethane-covered ball.


Golf ball marketing tends to be pretty repetitive.  We hear over and over about balls being softer, longer, or spinning more.  Maxfli’s new Tour and Tour X golf balls bring something entirely new to the party: a claim of higher, longer ball flight when you align their marked center of gravity.  This was a claim I couldn’t wait to test.


On the green, both the Tour and Tour X feel very similar.  Both are soft with a slight “click” similar to a Pro V1x.  When you get to a longer putt – 20 feet or more – the Tour X does feel a little firmer, but the difference is slight.

In the long game, both Maxfli Tour balls feel comparable to other premium, urethane-covered golf balls.  Well struck iron shots feel soft and crisp.

Long Game

Bold claims demand stringent testing.  Maxfli has some of the boldest yet, stating that with their CG alignment line, you can hit longer, higher, straighter drives, so we subjected the ball to a complete Golf Myths Unplugged test HERE.

You can click the link to get the full story, but the long and short of it is that we found very little difference between drives hit with the line correctly aimed versus incorrectly aimed.  We did see some evidence for the idea that “aligned” shots flew higher, but we did not see strong evidence for improved accuracy or distance.

Leaving the marketing claims aside, the Maxfli Tour and Tour X performed comparably to other tour balls.  Ball speeds were strong and consistent, and spin rates were within the expected ranges for a tour ball.

Short Game

According to Maxfli, the Tour and Tour X have similar short game spin.  My launch monitor testing found this claim to be accurate – I could find no consistent difference between the two.  In comparing them to other premium balls, I found them to be slightly below average in terms of spin.  The Tour and Tour X spun about 10% less than a Pro V1 on a full wedge shot.  That’s plenty of spin to hold a green, but low spin players that want to see the ball zip back may prefer another ball.


While aiming the Center of Gravity Alignment Line at the target was not a panacea, the Maxli Tour and Tour X are still very solid golf balls.  At $35 per dozen – and much less with certain promotions – these urethane-covered balls perform comparably to balls that cost $50 per dozen.

The Maxfli Tour and Tour X are only available at Dick’s Sporting Goods and Golf Galaxy.

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  1. I was looking for a high performance ball at a good price. Thought I give the Tour X a try. Not as soft as my TP5, but performance was just as good. I already hit a high ball, so I was looking for some added distance. With this ball, I’m starting to keep up with the young bucks off the tee. A well struck approach shot stops pretty quick. Loving the change and the great price.

  2. Bob Pegram

    A good ball won’t have a center of gravity far enough off from center to make any difference. A good test is to dissolve epsom salts in a bowl and float a golf ball in it. Wait until the ball settles and stops spinning. Then place a 1/4 inch square of lead tape on the top of the ball. If it turns with that small change, it is balanced. If it takes more than that small amount of weight to make the ball turn so a different side is up when it stops, the ball has a center of gravity that is off-center. It will not putt consistently. It will tend to turn off line as it slows down near the hole. That is accentuated on fast greens.

  3. Dicks has them on a 2 dozen for $50 sale now. Mygolfspy website rated it as a very good ball, and it goes far for slow swing speeds (my experience is that it does go farther than a Q star tour). Just out of curiousity, how did you find the durability (I found that I could bruise the cover with a full sand wedge, and I am not a fast swinger– but it could be I had a couple of duds)?

    • Matt Saternus


      I didn’t notice the durability being an issue. I haven’t gouged any with one shot.



      • Brian Holland

        Hi Matt, I just bought Maxfli Tour CG and they feel tacky out of the sleeve. Is that normal?

        • Matt Saternus


          I don’t recall these balls feeling tacky. I would suggest playing a sleeve and if they perform strangely, take them back.


  4. I did notice that the soft cover can get scuffed, cut somewhat quickly. Otherwise. Very nice ball. Stay away from the matte. Much less white and get dirty quickly.

  5. John Schutte

    Matt, I still use the Maxi fly 6 piece ball six-piece tour I know they don’t make them anymore but I bought quite a few dozen of them when they quit making them. They are still my favorite ball compared even to the prov’s.I’m just wondering what you thought of that Maxi 6 piece ball and if you checked the center of gravity at all. I am 75 but I hit the ball a pretty long way and my handicap is around 7 so with that being said I do favor that 6 piece ball wish they still made it. Just wanted to get a professional opinion of that ball. Thanks for your time

    • Matt Saternus


      Unfortunately, I don’t have any experience with the 6-piece Maxfli. Sorry I can’t help.



  6. I have played these balls for the past three months. Just walked nine and shot a legitimate 36. For the price (2 boxes for 50 bucks) I am sold. I am 51 years old with a 7 handicap. I played with same ball for all 9 holes and it could probably play another nine tommorow .

  7. I’ve been buying these at 2 for $50 and on occasional flash sales for $19.98 a dozen. I won’t say that they are quite Pro V1 quality, but they are awfully darned close. In fact the performance is so close that I am more than willing to give up a few hundred RPM of Backspin and 2-3 yards. What they do have over the Pro V1 is just a shade of forgiveness, probably the slightly less backspin/sidespin helping out here . It’s no slice correction ball such as the Polara, or Bridgsetone E6, but it does help my baby draw stay a baby draw. I really have to screw the pooch on my swing in order to get a duck hook. They certainly blew the Cally Chrome Softs out of my bag for both distance and accuracy. At the current price this ball can be had for, it’s really kind of stupid to spend the money the big boys are asking for therir product. Especially when most of them offer no discernible gain in performance.

  8. Greg Nelson

    Just hit my first HOLE-IN-ONE with the Maxfli Tour yesterday! Needless to say just ordered two more dozen! Matte Green!

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