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The Live View Golf camera removes many of the hassles from filming your golf swing.  Digital mirror function is great for home and range practice.


When a friend of mine asked me to look at a swing camera at the PGA Show this past January, my first thought was, “Is it displayed next to the VHS players?”  We all carry high quality video cameras in our pockets, so who would buy a standalone camera to film their swing?

After I saw the Live View Golf demo, I was glad I kept my sarcasm and skepticism in check.  This device has the ability to remove most of the headaches from filming your own swing, which means it might put you on the path to improving your game.

Set Up & Ease of Use

I intentionally set out on my first Live View Golf session like an unorganized dope.  I downloaded the app to my iPad, threw the camera and tripod – still in their boxes – into my car, and took off.  When I got to the range, I unboxed everything, slammed the camera onto the tripod, and found out that, luckily, the camera came pre-charged.

A glance at the user manual told me to set up the camera about 10 feet behind me, so I paced off the distance and put the tripod on a bag stand.  The tripod is outstanding and, with it’s flexible legs, can be mounted on almost anything.  The camera is also designed to be mounted on an alignment rod if you prefer.

Next, I powered up the camera, opened the app, and connected the iPad to the camera.  That all took about thirty seconds.  After a quick glance at the settings, I was ready to go.  The app is really well designed – it has all the functions you need without being overwhelming.


At this point, you may still have my initial question: “Why is this special?”  Here are the two key points.

First, with your iPad screen set up at your feet, you can watch your swing in real time without leaving your golf posture.  This is why Live View Golf refers to the device as a Digital Swing Mirror.  Everyone has looked at their swing in a mirror, but when you look up to see the mirror, you’re altering your position.  With Live View Golf, you don’t have to.

The second key is the automatic swing capture.  If you’ve tried to film your own swing, you know the dance: set up camera, hit record, walk back to your mat, swing, walk back to your camera, stop the recording, then, finally, watch the video…which is 1 second of swing and 20 seconds of waste.  Not only is this annoying, it destroys the benefit because you’re waiting too long to get the feedback.  Live View Golf uses the iPad’s microphone to know when impact happened and it gives you a clip showing only your swing.  Also, it automatically plays the video after your swing so that you can get immediate feedback.

These two things together function to make your practice sessions much more efficient and productive.  Additionally, you can easily share your videos with your coach through the app.


The argument for Live View Golf’s longevity is two-pronged.  First, it has applications indoors as well as outdoors.  The Digital Swing Mirror element makes it useful even if you’re just doing some air swings in your living room.  Second, because it eliminates so many of the typical video hassles, you’ll be more likely to use it indoors and on the range.

I’ve been a video skeptic (or, perhaps more accurately, a video burnout) for a while, but Live View Golf is so easy to use that I’m actually enjoying seeing my swing.  I’ve also fixed a couple things that I wouldn’t have without video, so it’s earned a spot in my practice kit.


The Live View Golf camera retails for $349.  The LivePod adapter, which is a necessary addition unless you already have a tripod, is $19.  The iPad sunshade, which is very useful if you plan to employ Live View outdoors, is $47.50.  That brings your total to $368 for indoor use, $415.50 for outdoor use.

When it comes to value, the question is simply, “How much do you want to use video?”  If you like seeing your swing, this is the best device I’ve seen, period.  That said, the price will be too high for some.


Live View Golf has transformed me from a dismissive skeptic to regular user.  This system sets up quickly, is easy to use, and delivers feedback that you can use to improve your swing.  If you’re a regular video user, or you want to be one, this is a training aid you must check out.

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