Lamkin Wrap Tech Grip Review

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The Lamkin Wrap Tech grip offers the tack of a wrap with the traction of a cord plus soft feel.


What makes a grip “the most interesting in the world”?  When it’s the choice of Miguel Angel Jimenez, of course.

Lamkin’s new Wrap Tech grip is what connects The Mechanic to his PINGs, and it’s the grip he’s used to make hole-in-ones in back-to-back weeks on the European PGA Tour.  We put this grip to the test to see what makes it special.

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The Lamkin Wrap Tech grip is, for the most part, a plain black wrap, but it does have a ribbon of color to give it a dash of personality.  Golfers who play standard sized grips can choose from red, white, and blue, but those with larger hands only get white.

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There are an interesting mix of feels in the Lamkin Wrap Tech.  The first thing I noticed is the tack, probably because it’s what I expect from a wrap.  It’s not the tackiest wrap, but there’s plenty there to give it added grip.  Another element is how soft and cushioned this grip is, but, again, this is what’s expected from a wrap.  What is unusual is the rough, cord-like surface on every other “level” of the wrap.

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My number one takeaway from testing the Lamkin Wrap Tech grip is that few grips are easier to hold on to.  The combination of tack and traction make for a grip that stays in your hands regardless of how wet the weather is, how much you sweat, or how light your grip pressure is.

The other noteworthy performance element is the shock absorption.  This is a soft grip that’s very easy on your hands, even when you mishit a shot.  Obviously that characteristic is enhanced with the larger midsize grip, but it holds true even in the standard size.

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For players who want a soft grip that’s easy to hang on to – both due to traction and tack – the Lamkin Wrap Tech is a grip you must try.  At only $5 a grip, it’s also a great value.

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  1. Used this grip in a few clubs. Initial thoughts are that it’s great if you hit a warmup on the range and go to the course. For an extended range session in hot or humid weather, Lamkin has better alternatives. The rough, sanded part of the grip is great, it just needs more of it. Because if the smooth portion of the grip, gets wet, it is slick. If I were to suggest an improvement to Lamkin, it would be to make the sanded part wider, and the smooth portion narrower.

  2. Thomas Murphy

    I am looking to purchase these grips in black/ white. Would you be able to direct me to someone who is selling these grips.
    Thank you,

  3. Hank DeAngelis

    where can i find these, I use the midsize (black/white). Would buy 100 if I can find them

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