LAGP OLYSS Shaft Review

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The LAGP OLYSS shaft has a great, active feel, but still stands up to aggressive swings.  Produces consistent results even from less than perfect swings.


In golf, signature products are typically reserved for the very best players – Tiger Woods, Jack Nicklaus, Ben Hogan.  LAGP is shining the spotlight on someone behind the scenes, legendary shaft designer John Oldenburg, with their new OLYSS shaft.  John has an array of tournament winning shaft designs to his credit.  Will the OLYSS be his latest success story?  I tested one to find out.


Like most LAGP shafts, the OLYSS goes bold on the branding but light on the other graphics.  “LA GOLF” is spelled out in bright green and silver below the red LAGP logo, leaving no doubt what’s powering your driver.  On the underside, the “OLYSS” logo is relatively small.

The one standout visual element is the visible weave in the butt section.  I like how this can be seen only on close inspection.  It’s a peek under the hood of the shaft for those willing to look for it.


I absolutely loved the feel of the OLYSS.  Through the mid-section, there’s a smooth, lively kick that I felt on every swing.  Whether I was going all out or trying to dial it back, I felt the “smooth load and release” that LA Golf Shafts describes.

To me, the tip section of the OLYSS felt slightly soft, at least by comparison.  Context is important here: I game a tip stiff shaft and recently have been testing other tip stiff shafts.  What’s interesting is that despite this more pleasant, softer feel in the tip, I was not able to overpower the OLYSS.


Whenever a shaft has a smooth, active feel, I start getting worried about hooks.  This is where the OLYSS impressed me: even when I swung out of my shoes, I couldn’t get it to hook.  The worst shot I could produce was a slight pull that flew on a boring trajectory.  Overall, the OLYSS launched in my normal medium/high window with fairly low spin and excellent accuracy.

Beyond its ability to ward off hooks, what stood out about OLYSS is its consistency.  There were numerous shots where I felt the ball come off the outer reaches of the club face.  I’d look up expecting something ugly only to find the ball flying downrange to a perfectly acceptable distance.  Whether this is the result of the Zylon/Carbon weave in the OLYSS, the counterbalancing, or some other factor, I can’t be sure, but over multiple testing sessions OLYSS excelled at turning mediocre swings into playable drives.

The LAGP OLYSS is available in three weight classes – 55, 65, and 75 grams.  In the lightest class, flexes A, R, and S are offered.  The 65 gram shaft has the most flexes – R, S, X, and TX.  At 75 grams, S, X, and TX are available.


“Golf is a game of misses.”  With the LAGP OLYSS, I found that those misses became a lot more playable.  Combine that wonderful quality with a smooth, active feel and you have a shaft worthy of John Oldenburg’s name.  Visit your local LA Golf Shafts fitter to check one out to see if it can keep more of your drives on the fairway.

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  1. Always enjoy your reviews, Matt. Of course, based on the pricing on their website, I better not hook the ball with this OLYSS shaft… fact, for $ 410 per shaft, it ought to carry my bag for me and clean my clubs while it is at it. :-)

  2. Just out of curiosity, do you ever feel like constantly testing tons of different types of golf equipment messes with the consistency of your game? I obviously don’t have access to anywhere near the amount of equipment you do, but I tinker with my set up a bunch and I always wonder if I’m doing more harm than good. My scores would indicate that the tinkering has had basically zero effect over the last 15 years or so, but I wonder if I should just keep the same clubs in the bag for a few years at a time instead of switching something out every few months.

    • Matt Saternus


      I would never blame equipment for my bad scores when the culprit is actually not playing or practicing enough. That said, if I were not in my shoes, I would get fit, play golf, and not play around with equipment changes.


  3. Matt

    Can you recommend one of more shafts for a driver that are less than $150, if that is possible.

    • Matt Saternus


      I don’t recommend specific shafts to any golfer, but a good fitter should have options in that price range. If you tell your fitter your budget in advance, they can get you the performance you want while staying at a price point you’re comfortable with.


    • Sergio Leon Jr

      Hey Matt,

      From my reading, I might have to say that the LAGP Tour Axs Red has been your best overall from the LAGP shaft that you tried and posted.

  4. I am looking to buy a Mavrik driver. Without being specific as to any brand or model, do you believe that there are good shafts for $150 or less or would I do just as well or better with one of the standard shafts fitted to my swing and ability.. driving the ball is the strength of my game but I am still a 20 handicap

    Thank you

    • Matt Saternus


      Great question. I think what I would do is try the stock options for free at a place like PGA Superstore and see how close I could get to optimal. A lot of people are going to find a good combination there. If you are still well short of optimal, call a “real” fitter and discuss what you saw and your budget and see what they say.



  5. Gerald Barton

    Isn’t LAGolf the company that produced the shaft that de Chambeau has been using for the past year or so ?

  6. How did this shaft compare to the Trono?

  7. Brian Nelson

    Just pulled the trigger on of these! Went with the 65 S (swing speed was 102-104 almost went x) and paired it with a Mavrick sub zero. I was all in on the blue ventus until I hit the OLYSS.

  8. Brett Christopoulos

    How does this compare to the Diamana line, would this be more comparable to the DF of BF from a flight and spin standpoint?

  9. Ken Collins

    What shaft would you compare this shaft to?

  10. Ken Collins

    You gaming it?

  11. Best way to get LAGP shafts at a much better price is to check out House of Forged. They rebrand any and all LAGP shafts. You will get the same material and performance, just a different name for less than half the price.

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