LA Golf Shafts Ozik White Tie Shaft Review

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The LA Golf Shafts Ozik White Tie shaft is billed as the highest launching shaft in the Ozik Tie family.


One of the biggest issues in the shaft market is the mystery of which shafts are “real deal” and which ones are “watered down.”  LA Golf Shafts plans to steer clear of this mess with a simple promise: they’re only going to make “real deal” shafts.  You won’t find the LAGP logo on stock shafts anywhere.  Should the Ozik White Tie find its way into your bag?  Let’s discuss.


The Ozik White Tie delivers an all business appearance.  With just a small red LAGP logo and black OZIK branding, there’s not much to distract the player at address.  If you want to go completely stealth, a logo-down installation will show only the “White Tie” branding in a nearly-invisible grey.


Since the White Tie is the highest launching shaft in the Ozik Tie series, I was expecting a big, bold kick through impact.  However, much like with the Red Tie, I found that the feel was a smooth energy transfer rather than an explosive kick.

Having tested each of the Ozik Tie shafts, I’ve found that the feel is similar across the board.  Each has a smooth feel rather than a pronounced kick.  What changes between models is where the bend is felt.  The White Tie has that action near the tip.


If I were reporting data on the single best shot, it’s possible that the LA Golf Shaft Ozik White Tie would be one of the best ever.  The action in the tip produced a handful of tight draws with very high ball speed that just went forever.

The problem for me was that I could not time the White Tie consistently.  Mixed in with those great drives were some pulls, some hooks, and some big pushes.  This shaft and I simply aren’t a match.

One thing that I did see consistently in my launch monitor testing is that, despite the higher launch, the Ozik White Tie didn’t produce too much spin.  Even the pushes I hit maintained a strong ball flight.


If you prefer the feel of a tip-soft shaft or need to add more elevation to your drives, the LA Golf Shaft Ozik White Tie is worth a look.  It has high launching performance without the loose feel many expect from this type of shaft.  Best of all, I found that it kept spin under control in spite of the higher launch.

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  1. Great info and thanks for sharing.
    Can you share the flex, weigh and other specs of the shaft you tested?

  2. How does it compare to ad Di x7 shafts in feel and distance

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