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The KRADUL LUX stand bag comes from a newer brand but is already impressing golfers with its unique Tortoise logo, premium vegan leather outer shell, intuitive pockets, and high end details.


A relatively new company, KRADUL was formed to create golf bags with premium materials that wouldn’t break the bank.   While the company itself is new, the team of designers is not and have been engineering golf bags for well known brands like Ogio for over 20 years.  They used their expertise to craft their first line of luxury bags, and we got our hands on one to see how it stacks up.


Right out of the box, first thing I noticed was the premium materials that makeup the outer shell.  KRADUL refers to this material as “vegan leather” which by definition is imitation leather but without toxins or harmful chemicals.  From a looks standpoint, it’s more consistent and smooth than a typical synthetic leather material.  It also has a very high end look to it and could be mistaken for a Vessel or Stitch bag at first glance.

The only design element that breaks up the matte grey outer shell is the subtle branding.  KRADUL’s logo is the desert tortoise which is seen above the carry handle and along the large pocket on the right side of the bag.  I like the logo, and think it adds a unique flare to each bag.  I should also mention that “KRADUL” is embroidered along the front ball pocket in large block letters.  These details are subtle but are what make all the difference in making this bag look high end.

The KRADUL LUX 7.5″ 4 way stand bags are available in both Tar (black) and Fossil (shown here).


The KRADUL LUX 4 way stand bag has a few features that make it stand out from the rest.  The most obvious is the elegant vegan leather outer shell.  Next is the Tommy clip front pocket for electronics such as a rangefinder.  The purpose is to snap a bungee cord over a clip instead of having to unzip and rezip the pocket every time you need something out of it.  In addition to this pocket, there are four other zippered pockets including one that is velour lined for phones or a smart watch.

I also noted that the flex foot stand feature eliminates a pedal to kick out the stand legs.  This provides more durability of the bag for the long term.

Lastly, the carry handle, zipper grabs, and accessories clip all feature heavy duty materials that will stand the test of time and lots of rounds on the course.


The KRADUL LUX stand bag is a midweight stand bag, tipping the scales at eight pounds.  Ample padding and their 360 balance straps make it easy on the back for carrying.  Of course, no one likes fumbling through their golf bag during the round, so KRADUL made sure to include a sturdy holster for a bottle, umbrella strap, and an easy access tommy-clip pocket for a rangefinder or GPS.  I also enjoyed that the pockets expanded away from the sides to allow more room for storage.  A lack of space is something I dislike about my Stitch SL2 bag.

The foot stand took some getting used to, but it didn’t take long to adjust.  On my push cart, the Kradul Lux Stand Bag fits well.  The push button release clips for the shoulder straps are a game changer.  I can easily remove them for rounds on my push cart and put them right back on when I want to carry.

To my surprise, this bag is priced at $249 which is a tremendous value and one of the less expensive options in the luxury golf bag market.


The KRADUL LUX stand bag is an aesthetically pleasing bag that won’t break the bank.  This midweight carry bag is loaded with smart features and high end touches.  Don’t let this new brand fall under the radar.  Check out KRADUL golf bags before you start your 2024 season.

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  1. Interesting review, Zach. So at first blush, this looks like a discounted Vessel bag. Or more crudely, a “poor man’s” Vessel bag. Fair or not so? Thanks.

    • Zack Buechner


      When looking closely at the details like the type of leather used and overall weight, there are differences but comparing this bag to a Vessel is certainly fair as I had the same thought when I first received it.

      Thanks for reading!


  2. Tony Pezzolesi

    Is it fully waterproof?

    • Zack Buechner

      KRADUL does not explicitly spell out that their bags are fully waterproof (only a valuables pocket) but in my testing, I found the outer leather shell to repel water easily and had no issues with zippers or pockets leaking otherwise.

      Hope this helps,


  3. Joshua Schaffel

    I carry. A lot. At eight pounds, wouldn’t that qualify as a heavyweight carry bag? IMO, lightweight is 5 lbs and down. Mid-weight at 5-6.5lbs. Anything heavier than that, and I am wondering why you would bother. Maybe this qualifies as a “hybrid” bag: a heavier carry bag that will only ever be carted. This is a neat looking bag. But not cool enough to justify lugging 2 extra lbs around. I have the SL2 from Stitch when I walk and a LUX cart bag from Vessel when I ride; for reference. Cheers.

    • Zack Buechner


      Thanks for your perspective and for your comments. There are many golfers who use a stand bag for reasons other than just to carry so the weight is less important. For me, I never carry anymore. I use a push cart mostly on the course when not riding but prefer the stand for easy placement for driving range and practice days or to prevent them from falling over when I load and unload from the car. So the extra one or two pounds isn’t a dealbreaker.



  4. I think people need to chill you explained everything.
    This is a supper nice bag and the price is incredible.
    I would love to buy one but I have a perfect Jones bag.
    Great review Zack,

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