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Koova storage solutions help you organize your garage so there’s more space for golf.  Much more affordable than many other storage system.

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Fall is here.  For many of us, that means our golf clubs will be going into hibernation.  But that doesn’t have to be the case!  With proper organization, you can free up enough space in your garage to have a year-round practice area.  I tested two storage systems from Koova to see if they can be part of your solution.

Storage Options

One of the things I like about Koova storage systems is that they have a wide range of products.  If you’re a handyman, there are options for storing tools and ladders.  If your family is sporty, they have storage units for bikes, golf bags, fishing poles, surfboards, paddle boards, and skateboards.  And, because every family has random junk, they have systems for storing bins of miscellany.

Set Up & Ease of Use

The two Koova storage systems that I installed were the Wall Mounted Ladder Rack and the Wall Mounted Rack for 6 Bikes.  The ladder rack was extremely easy to install.  It consists of two “arms” each installed with two long screws.  Once I found the studs in my wall, it took under ten minutes to put them up.

The bike rack requires slightly more work.  First, you find the studs and mount the struts.  Next, you install the hook that holds each bike onto the wall.  Finally, you can add a small attachment for storing a helmet.  Simply screwing everything in doesn’t take long – ten to fifteen minutes – but getting the positioning dialed in can take longer.  I spent about thirty minutes playing with different configurations to make it as usable as possible.


Both Koova storage systems worked exactly as promised.  They’re extremely sturdy; I had no qualms about stashing my 28-foot extension ladder on the rack.  I was thrilled at the additional floor space that was created by getting the ladder and bikes off the ground.  I already had a hitting area in my garage, but now there’s space to move comfortably.  Previously, it was a constant game of moving things one way to free up swinging space, then putting it all back.

With the bike racks, you can see that I am storing four bikes on a system built for six.  To get six bikes on, you need to alternate the direction of the bikes so the handlebars don’t tangle.  Because we only have four bikes, I opted to spread them out and have them all in the same direction.


The thing I like best about Koova is their pricing.  We’ve all seen ads for garage storage systems, said, “Wow, I wish my garage looked like that” only to check the prices and gag.  Koova is different.  Their most expensive item is about $90 with most being around $50.  For me, getting my stuff organized in a tidy, usable way is well worth that cost.

Save 10% with discount code PG10


We recently did a major overhaul of our garage, and Koova storage systems were a significant part of making it a great success.  If you’d like to free up more space – and store your stuff in a neater, more usable way – Koova is definitely worth checking out.

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