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Kikkors best shoe ever, and one of the very best spikeless shoes in golf.


When Kikkor introduced the Selects as their “best shoe ever” and their “most complete shoe,” I rolled my eyes.  I’ve been a Kikkor fan since the beginning, but those tag lines seemed lazy and uninspired, not to mention hard to live up to.  Now, having worn the Kikkor Selects in a variety of conditions over the last few weeks, my eyes are un-rolled and I’m singing a different tune.  This truly is Kikkor’s best shoe ever and, possibly, the best spikeless shoe in golf.

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Sometimes you don’t know you’re missing something until someone gives it to you.

I’ve always regarded Kikkors as being comfortable right out of the box.  Every pair I’ve had (now numbering a solid half dozen) went right to the course with no issue.  The Selects, however, are more than just plain comfortable, and it’s all about the softness of the upper.   The first time I laced them up, it felt like a glove hugging the top of my foot, and it made me realize how stiff the upper is on most other shoes.  These are definitely the most comfortable pair of Kikkors that I’ve ever owned.

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With the most awesome shoe company in golf, style is never in short supply.  Kikkor has mastered the art of taking a relatively basic shoe like the Selects and giving golfers a number of different ways to wear it.  For the conservative types, there are black and white colorways.  Want to live loud?  Check out the Blue or Red Geo options.  If you want a little color without going overboard, there are options for you as well.

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Kikkor has long been the leader in spikeless traction, and now, with the VEKTRboard 2.0 sole, they are allowing me to say something I’ve never said before: this spikeless shoe has traction equal to traditional spikes.  Whether the turf is wet or dry, the prongs dig in and allow you to take your biggest swing without any fear of slippage.

Another unexpected thing that you get with the Selects is a 2 year waterproof warranty.  Typically spikeless shoes give you the “water resistant” line, but with these full grain leather beauties, you get the real deal guarantee that your feet will stay dry.

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If you still haven’t tried a spikeless golf shoe, now is the time.  The Kikkor Selects offers great comfort, exceptional traction, and enough style options to please almost anyone.  This is truly Kikkors best shoe yet.

Matt Saternus

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