JumboMax Tour Series & Ultralite Grip Review

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The JumboMax Tour Series and Ultralite grips provide a wide range of sizes and weights to help players find more speed and consistency.  With so many options, fitting is essential.

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After over nine years of unplugging myths and testing equipment, you’d think I would be immune to hype.  I’m not.  When Nick Sherburne from Club Champion told me about the club speed he gained switching to JumboMax grips, my first thought was, “I need to try that.”  So I did.  I tested both the Tour Series and Ultralite grips from JumboMax in my ongoing quest for more distance.  I’ll share my results in this review.

Before moving on, I’d like to thank Mitsubishi for providing their TENSEI 1K Pro White shaft [review HERE] for this testing.  I was able to leave my gamer untouched and install the JumboMax grips on the second shaft for direct, head-to-head comparisons.


The JumboMax Tour Series grips is offered in three colorways – black/green (above), black/grey, and white/red/blue.  All three feature the swooping graphic that highlights the texture change in the middle of the grip.  There’s also a JumboMax logo at the bottom that matches the grip’s color scheme.

JumboMax offers the Ultralite in only one colorway, shown above.  While some variety would be nice, I do like the thin graphics on this model and the way they enhance the grip’s texture changes.  Players who opt for the largest Ultralite can choose to have Bryson’s personal logo on their grips.


When you put your hands on JumboMax grips*, it’s hard to notice anything other than the size.  I imagine it’s like shaking hands with Shaq – you wouldn’t realize if his hands were sandpaper or velvet because you’re overwhelmed by their proportions.

Both the Tour Series and Ultralite grips are fairly soft with modest tack.  JumboMax rates the Tour Series as “firm” and the Ultralite as “mid-firm.”  I didn’t find the difference to be that substantial.  Similarly, the Tour Series has “Dual Texture” and the Ultralite has “Tri-Texture” but the differences between the textures are subtle.  Perhaps with a much longer exposure to the size of these grips, the texture differences would come to the fore.

*For this review, I tested “Small” and “Large” grips.  JumboMax does offer some grips that are conventionally sized, but both grip sizes I used are at least .3″ larger (butt diameter) than a standard grip.


Let’s start with some specs on the JumboMax grips.  The Tour Series actually starts a bit lighter than an average grip at 41 grams.  That jumps up, quickly, however, when you get into the “real” JumboMax sizes.  Their Small weighs 99 grams, the Large 112, and the XL a whopping 123 grams.  The Ultralite Series is, of course, much lighter.  The Small weighs 48 grams and the XL weighs 50 grams.

Depending on the grip you currently play and what JumboMax you try, your club’s swing weight can change dramatically.  For me, the Ultralite grips actually bumped the swing weight up a couple points.  The Tour Series, in contrast, offers extreme counterweighting.  JumboMax claims this “helps golfers smooth out their swing,” but that will change from player to player.

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Now, on to my testing results.  I tested the four grips – Tour Series Small and Large, Ultralite Small and Large – independently against my normal grip on the same TENSEI 1K Pro White shaft.  I started with the most extreme, the Tour Series Large.  The majority of my notes from this test relate to how bizarre this made the club feel.  My driver felt shorter and lighter, like a toy or child’s club.  I felt like I was swinging the grip only.  Hitting in on my Foresight GCQuad, I was hoping to see big speed gains, but I did not.  I actually lost 3 MPH compared to my normal grip.  It’s also worth noting that I saw the ball launching noticeably higher with a touch more spin.

Next, I tried the Ultralite Small.  This was a much less dramatic change as the swingweight was very close to my gamer.  Also, the smaller size was an easier transition.  Unfortunately, the best results I got from this grip merely matched my gamer.  In the interest of brevity, I’ll just tell you that I did not find any additional speed with the Ultralite Large or Tour Series Small either.

If you’d like more data on grip size, we have a Golf Myths Unplugged about grip size and swing speed HERE and one about grip size’s impact on the swing HERE.


While I did not find any additional swing speed with the JumboMax grips, many other players have.  JumboMax offers far and away the largest range of grip sizes and weights, and I’m excited to see how they develop their fitting system.  As more players get access to the full range of grip possibilities, I’m eager to see how many find greater speed and consistency outside the norm.

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Matt Saternus


  1. Did you notice a difference in strike quality? Consistency? Are you considering testing in other clubs? These are very intriguing to me from a number of perspectives, including but not limited to clubhead speed. Thank you for the testing and information. Have a great day.

    • Matt Saternus


      I did not experience any positive changes to my ball striking with the JumboMax grips. I have no plans to test with other clubs at this time.


  2. Andreas Kuba

    Just to get the basic Data: I am 58 , picked up golf around 12 years ago and play a handicap of around 7 something. /-iron carry around 150 meters. Mizuno pro 223 irons, Ping G woods and Ping G 400 Max Driver with a Ventus blue 50g stiff shaft.
    Maybe it´s because I come from Tennis, but I really like the Jumbommax XL. Had some elbow issues in my left arm (I´m right handed)
    and switched to the big stuff. I put on the heavy version and it feels very good. I tried the Ultralight for the Driver and I guess it feels better due to the heavier swingweight. I can feel the head much better. I don´t think I´ll change to the light version for the irons. (except maybe the 5 iron) but I think I´ll try it for the 3 and 5 wood. (my 4 iron is a heavy Cobra S3 and feels fine with the heavy grip)
    From testing I didn´t pick up any speed, but felt that I gained some consistency.
    About a month ago I tried playing a baseball grip (I mean a real baseballgrip). It feels really good, but I don´t think I could play that with a smaller gripsize. Maybe worth trying….
    I´ll have to measure the clubheadspeed after that change, but I think it´s gone up a little.
    Like to read your reviews and just wanted to add some comment where I guess there isn´t too many having tried that path.

  3. I bought them and should have tested one grip on one club…guarantee says “try one and return them all for a refund”…if not liked. I have the ultra-lights and have to change my grip to much stronger and swing flat to be able to hit a straight ball. Every club is a push…hate’m…live and learn!

  4. I ordered the large waiting on them not real positive coments here.So hopefully I like them mainly ordered because of arthritis in a couple fingers.

    • I love them. I’m a very handsy golfer from tennis background. Helping me stay squarer at impact and have a predictable miss now which is playable. More consistent with ball striking as well. I’m a big fan.

  5. Carlos Castaneda

    Would like a bigger jumbo grip

  6. Bob McCabe

    I have very large arthritic hands,I wear xxxl golf gloves. I started last year with the xl jumbo max grip and loved it
    I have since regripped all my clubs. Much better feel and no more sore hands after playing.

  7. After playing 25 years of tennis and occasionaly some golf, iam now switched to golf 100%. I started feeling pain in my fingers, and my thumb from sqeeuzing my club tight. So now i switched to Jumbo max ultralite and am very quirious.

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