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Regardless of your short game ability, there’s no reason you can’t be world class when it comes to the shorts you wear.  To help you achieve that status, we’re highlighting three apparel companies who are stand-outs in the shorts department:  Bonobos for their fit options, Puma Golf for their array of colors, and TravisMathew for their variety.  Regardless of which brand aligns best with your style, all three feature amazing performance fabrics that help keep you comfortable on the course.


Bonobos helps golfers dial in their fit by offering both odd and even waist sizes, plus two lengths.  While the 8” length may be favored by players of a shorter stature, they’re also good for guys who want to show off that extra leg work they’ve been putting in at the gym.  For me at 5’-10”, the 10” inseam sits slightly above the knee – just how I like it.

Bonobos golf shorts also feature a nifty slide snap closure and four embroidered eyelets, a/k/a air holes, for keeping your personals ventilated.  Shown above is the Highland Tour in Maple Bark, the Justin Rose Highland Tour in Soda Lake (with rose print pocket lining) and Lightweight in Heather Khaki.

Puma Golf

Puma Jackpot Golf Shorts 2.0 give golfers a plethora of color options (13 at last check) to help boost their style game.   Whether for mobility on the course or a little extra give after a big post round meal, I love the stretch waistband – with logo gription elements.

Another cool feature of the Jackpot 2.0 is the ‘Enjoy Golf’ button and fly label.  And if you aren’t into colors like Blue Glow and Ocean Depths above, but still want the look and performance of the Jackpot 2.0, Puma also offers basic colors like High Rise.


If you love choices, you’ll be impressed with the huge selection of shorts that TravisMathew offers.  Not only is there a variety of amazing fabrics but also several groovy prints like the Flip Flop above.  A top seller, the Beck shorts (black) feature a unique fabric blend that keeps them wrinkle free and quick drying.

My personal favorite for the dog days of summer are the ultra-lightweight Starnes with micro-ripstop construction fabric that’s both super soft and durable.  Versatile styling along with fabrics that blend performance and comfort make TravisMathew shorts great for golf and daily life.

Matt Meeker


  1. Thanks, Matt. Eh……I don’t care what a guy’s physique is, an 8 inch inseam will find golfers at some courses being forced to buy what is in the pro shop if they want to play that day. Any shorter, and they will look like the shorts the NBA used 20 or 30 years ago, LOL.

    • Hey Steve,

      You must not play with short guys like me…. 8 inch usually hits just above my knee! But I am only 5’4, so I am all for having multiple length options to get what’s both comfortable and appropriate for golfers of all sizes.

      • Also forgot to mention that I find JCrew’s 9-inch tech shorts to be just about perfect, but I’d take a little extra flex too. I might have to give the Bonobos a try.

  2. You got me there, Bryan! Multiple options for golf clothing (and just about everything else) are a must. The best thing is….this site will always keep us informed.

  3. No love for Adidas Ultimate 360’s? Those are my favorite and I’ve worn both the Puma and Travis Matthew shorts.

    The 360’s also have the elastic waistband, which is key IMO. I like those Bonobos mentioned but without the elastic waistband I wouldn’t bother since I think the 360’s are perfect.

  4. Steve et al, not sure what you meant by “look like the shorts the NBA used 20- 30 years ago”. In 1990, NBA uniform bottoms were as long (some longer) than those used today.

    The current trend is for shorter inseams i.e. 8 inches or less.

    What one chooses to wear is of course a matter of personal preference. Although I’m muscular due to body building yet slender, I’m only 5′ 8″ and have a 32 inch waist. I prefer wearing the shorter cuts because — I don’t want to look as though I’m digging for clams which is what those longer-cut shorts resemble , and/or, off-the-shelf shorts are not cut for shorter/slender folks and as a result they’re waaay too baggy looking.

    I have yet, anywhere in the US or in Europe, to be told that my shorts are too short and thus require something “longer”. I’d be curious to know which course or courses you found that have an inseam length requirement.

  5. Francisco Badia


    Can you review the Miura PI 401 irons?

    • Matt Meeker

      I’ll pass that along to upper management Francisco. In the meantime, I encourage you to let Miura know via social media that you’d like Plugged In Golf to review the irons.

      – Meeks

  6. Any 12” inseamers??

  7. Dunning and FootJoy are still the standard.

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