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Golphin clubs are high quality kids golf clubs that make it easy for kids to pick up the game.


If you’re reading this site, odds are that you’re a pretty serious golfer.  If you’re reading this review, you probably have kids.  I’ll also infer that, like most parents, you’d like your children to share your interests, if for no other reason than so you can spend more time on the course.  The question is, how do you get your kids into golf?  While that may not be a small task, Golphin clubs will make it easier.


What Makes Golphin Unique?

As a veteran of big box golf retail, I’ve sold hundreds of sets of kids clubs.  Most of them aren’t worth the boxes they’re packaged in.  From cheap grips and poor construction to flimsy material, they’re meant to be disposable toys.

This is the first way in which Golphin clubs are different – quality.  The first time I picked up a Golphin club, I said to myself, “Wow, this actually feels like a real, quality golf club.”

The other thing that sets Golphin clubs apart is their design.  These are big, lightweight clubs that are designed to get the ball in the air easily.  Where other kids clubs try to imitate adult clubs in size and shape, Golphin is all-in on making the game more fun.



Golphin clubs are available in four different sizes, covering kids from 39″ all the way to 57″.  Each size covers a 4.5″ height range, meaning you should get at least a year or two of use out of it before having to move up.  Just as with “real” golf clubs, getting the right fit is important!



A full set of Golphin kids clubs is about $150.  This includes the bag, driver, putter, a 7I, and a “swedger.”  This is pretty close to what you’ll pay for any kids set in a big box store.  Golphin also offers the ability to buy the clubs individually for between $20 and $40, depending on the club.



If you’re planning to get your child into golf, getting kids clubs is an absolute necessity, and Golphin clubs are the best I’ve seen.  Whether you pick up a “swedger” or pick up a full set, you’ll be impressed with the quality and how they make the game easy to love.

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