Golf Swing Right Now Timing Improver Review

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50 Words or Less

The Golf Swing Right Now Timing Improver allows you to work on your swing indoors and improve your timing.


Every golfer who has to deal with winter knows the frustration of having to hang up his or her clubs, but very few do anything about it.  Australian inventor Clete Ryan, however, did.  While living in Rhode Island, he became so frustrated by the bad weather that he invented the Golf Swing Right Now Timing Improver.  We put it to the test to figure out if it’s truly a way to defeat winter rust or just the creation of a golfer driven mad by the snow.

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Set Up & Ease of Use

There is no set up with the Golf Swing Right Now Timing Improver, just pick it up and start swinging.

There are some instructions and tips on the website, but you can use it without them.  The most important thing is to be aware of your surroundings.

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As you can see, the Golf Swing Right Now Timing Improver is nearly six inches shorter than a wedge, so even taller golfers should be able to make full swings without denting the ceiling.  The benefits of being able to swing indoors are obvious: you can warm up before heading out to play, you can get some “golf exercise” everyday, and it will keep you from losing your mind during the winter.

What’s not obvious from the pictures is that the shaft of the Timing Improver is flexible like an Orange Whip.  While the Timing Improver is not nearly as exaggerated as the Orange Whip – the head isn’t as heavy and the shaft isn’t as flexible – it does teach a similar idea: finish your back swing and start the downswing with your body, not your arms.  For this, I found the Timing Improver to be very effective.  Additionally, because the weight of the Timing Improver is closer to that of a real golf club, I think the change will translate to your normal clubs more easily.

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There isn’t any great “hook” to using the Golf Swing Right Now Timing Improver, but if you like swinging a club, you’ll probably enjoy swinging the Timing Improver.  Leave it in a high traffic area of the house – office, kitchen – and you’re likely to pick it up a couple times a day.

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The Golf Swing Right Now Timing Improver carries a regular price of $100, but has been on sale for $48.  At $48, I think it’s a nice addition to your arsenal – it’s a good warm up tool, you can swing inside, and it teaches something that many players struggle with.  At $100, you need to think a bit more about how much you’re going to use it.  In fairness, though, the Orange Whip is $100 and I think the Timing Improver is better.

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With winter bearing down on much of the country, it’s a good time for snowbound golfers to take a look at the Golf Swing Right Now Timing Improver.  This trainer will keep you loose during the off season and get your swing synced up.

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  1. I like the fact I can swing it at home. Hitting the ceiling and other things is brutal…not to mention I think cramped space impacts and can hurt one’s overall swing path.

  2. Michael Payne

    I use the Orange whip — and really like the extra weight to loosen up my back before a round. Living in Wisconsin, we have a shorter season — will this device provide the necessary swing weight to help loosen up cold, stiff muscles up North?

    • Matt Saternus


      This is weighted like a real golf club, not exaggerated like the Orange Whip. I think it’s much better for warming up, especially when cold, compared to the Orange Whip.



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