Golf Pride Z-Grip Cord Review

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The Golf Pride Z-Grip Cord is a firm, heavily-corded grip for players seeking maximum feedback and traction.


If you’re seeking a rainbow of options, you’ll need to go elsewhere.  The Z-Grip Cord is offered in black/white.  That’s it.

That said, I think the combination of the cord and the Z pattern make this grip significantly more interesting to look at than your standard Tour Velvet.


Golf Pride bills the Z-Grip Cord as the “firmest cord available.”  There’s also a heavy cord and a deep “Z” texture throughout the grip.  In short, if you have sensitive hands, theses are not for you.  For those that want maximum traction in all conditions, however, these are perfect.


It earns me plenty of odd looks on the first tee, but I don’t wear a glove when I golf.  You might think this pushes me toward a grip that’s easier on my hands, but it’s quite the opposite: I want all the traction that I can get.  That’s what led me to try the Z-Grip Cord.

I’ve played the Golf Pride MCC Plus 4 since they came out, and I played the original Multi-Compound before that.  I love the cord on the top half, but anyone who has played these knows that the bottom half can get slick in a hurry.  Solution?  Cord everywhere.  The Z-Grip Cord has given me all the traction I could ask for, plus great durability.

The Golf Pride Z-Grip Cord weighs 50.5 grams in standard and 57.5 grams in midsize.


If you’re always in search of more traction, check out the Golf Pride Z-Grip Cord.  I’ve yet to find a grip that’s more solid in my hands, and they wear better than other corded grips I’ve used in the past.

Buy the Golf Pride Z-Grip Cord HERE

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  1. Matt, I’ve found the same with the MCC+4 – best to wipe down that grip, because the non-corded section does slick up. You may want to review the new Lamkin Players Soft Cord.

    The GP Cord looks a bit too industrial strength.

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