Golf Pride MCC Plus 4 Grip Review

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The Golf Pride MCC Plus 4 grip takes Golf Pride’s hugely popular Multi Compound grip and increases the size of the lower half to create a taper-free grip.


If you read the in-depth What’s In the Bag articles about PGA Tour pros, you will notice that many of them prefer extra wraps of grip tape under their lower hand.  Whether this is simply a preference or a necessary defense against hooking the ball, it’s a trend that you can also see among better amateur players.

This trend has not gone unnoticed by Golf Pride.  To the delight of club builders everywhere, they’ve released the Golf Pride MCC Plus 4 grip, a grip with a thicker lower half that eliminates the need for extra wraps of grip tape.

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The Golf Pride MCC Plus 4 grip is indistinguishable from the classic New Decade Multi Compound, with the exception of the white outline around the Golf Pride logo.  The standard sized MCC Plus 4 is available in grey, red, and blue.  At least for this year, the midsize grip is available only in grey.

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While the new MCC Plus 4 grip looks exactly like the New Decade Multi Compound, it does have a distinct feel.  First, of course, is the thicker lower half.  This difference is immediately noticeable, even to those who aren’t equipment fanatics.  The lower half of the grip is also softer than the NDMC due to the use of a softer rubber.

The upper half of the MCC Plus 4 does feel just like the classic Multi Compound.  It’s firm with just enough cord to give you a great all-weather grip.

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4.6%.  That’s the difference in the size of the lower hand.  While it doesn’t seem like much, it’s immediately noticeable and, for me, much more comfortable.  Golf Pride says that this design also has great benefits: lighter grip pressure, reduced tension, and increased power.  It’s also thought that a larger lower hand makes hooking the ball less likely.  While I don’t have data to prove any of those claims, there are plenty of tour pros and thousands of skilled amateur players who swear by it, myself included.

These grips also have the benefit of consistency.  Golfers are obsessed with the word consistency, and it’s one of the biggest reasons that I’m a convert to the new Golf Pride MCC Plus 4 grip.  I’ve played Multi Compound grips for years, and I’ve always built up the lower half.  The difficulty and hassle is in doing this precisely: making the half pieces of the tape exactly the same size and placing them perfectly on top of one another.  That’s now a thing of the past.  With one full-length strip of grip tape, I can have grips that are nearly taper-free and exactly the same from club to club.

One final point for the swing weight obsessed: the midsize version of the MCC Plus 4 is substantially heavier (66 grams) than the standard (52 grams).

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For the thousands of golfers who prefer a larger lower hand on their grip, the Golf Pride MCC Plus 4 grip is a godsend.  It offers the taper-free shape, and all the benefits thereof, without the hassle of extra wraps.  The only question left is what you’re going to do with all those extra rolls of grip tape.

Buy Golf Pride MCC Plus 4 grips HERE

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  1. Just checked these out as an option for my wedges and they felt unbelievable! Getting them put on today and will test them on course tomorrow. I hope this stops me from turning the ball “just left” with the wedges… it was starting to get in my head to have to aim right of the target inside 100 yards.

  2. follow up:
    Got out on the course today… verdict = AMAZING!! now I just need to tweak my alignment since I’m not turning the ball over anymore and I will be all set.
    Feel on chips and pitches is unreal! Also felt really stable in hard bunkers… I’m sold on getting all the irons re-gripped with these

  3. 1 more update…
    Loved the grips on my wedges so much that I re-gripped the rest of my bag. Played for the first time with all the new grips and broke 80 for the first time in my life! (shot a 78)
    I had been floating around mid-80s for over a year, and finally broke through! I owe a big part to the “How to Break 80” article (had 1 penalty and zero 3-putts).
    I think the reduced tension on the bottom hand really let my swing happen more naturally with more confidence and less thoughts about compensations.

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  5. Jack Mackert

    I’ve thinking about re-gripping with the plus 4 but my concern is my hand size. I wear a cadet medium glove and historically have used standard MCC grips with one tape wrap. Will the larger lower hand hurt my release hand release since I do not fight a hook but do pull quite a bit from my swing flaw? Thanks for the help.

    • Matt Saternus


      There’s no way for me to know. If you find the concept intriguing, I’d suggest buying one grip, putting it on an old spare club and seeing what happens.



  6. Why isn’t there a “Jumbo” size MCC Plus 4 Grip available for men?

  7. I agree these are pretty nice grips; however I actually like the normal NDMC grips on my irons better. I use the Plus 4 grips on my wedges as they are nicer for chip shots, etc. but prefer the original grips on my full swings. I actually wish they would make the Plus 4 as the normal grip (without the build up) as I almost prefer the feeling over the original. Still a pretty good grip though. Can’t go wrong with the NDMC line of grips.

  8. Please can you tell me what happens to the swingweight with these grips ?

    • Matt Saternus


      Are you trying to ask how these grips will impact swing weight relative to other grips? If your current grips are heavier, the swingweight will go up and vice versa.



  9. Don Conant

    I put the MCC PLUS 4,S on everything in the bag today except the putter.Ill let you know tomorrow.

    • Adam Simpson

      I just bought a new Mizzuno set (Combo set, 4-7 Forged, 8-PW Tour. dynamic gold .355, standard) and selected the MCC Plus 4 standard size. What is a good factor of determining if the grips you should get are standard as opposed to midsize?

      • Matt Saternus


        An oft-used rule is to take your grip and see if the fingers on your left hand reach the heel of that hand. A light touch or tiny gap is considered a good fit. Also, Golf Pride has grip fitting charts that you can use to measure your hand available at many club fitters. All that said, the ultimate factor is how well the grips perform for you on the course.



        • That makes sense. I wear a ML NIke glove and I watched a video that said if you are a medium large you should be fitted for standard grips +1 tape. Thanks for the feedback.

  10. Bob Watson

    If you use mid-size grip would you use the same on MCC plus 4 grip.

  11. Hi Matt, long term review. Still enjoying the +4? They seem to be receiving lots of great feedback. Cheers

  12. Matt:

    Did you do anything to account for the swing weight change from using the mid-size?

  13. Great article Matt, I’ve got the align version of these on my clubs now. Will you be reviewing the Lamkin TS1 that was shown at the PGA show?

  14. Trying to decide between these and the tour wraps for my irons. Can not decide for the life of me. Do your hands slip in these? I like a tacky grip that keeps my hand stuck to the grip in my backswing and my only concern is these won’t do that. Thanks!

    • Matt Saternus


      These grips are not tacky like the Tour Wraps. They have a lot of grip from the cord, but if you prefer tack get the wraps.



  15. Going to get the +4’s on all my clubs. Does it matter if I go logo down or does it have to be GP logo up?


  16. Jon Beales

    I have these on my irons and think they are great, about to upgrade my wedges too. Question is would you also put on your woods?

  17. has anyone had troubl with the grip lining up at the seam…placed an order and they all have a ridge where the fingers rest…

  18. Is it a true that this grip could potentially promote a hook in comparison to a traditional grip?

    • Matt Saternus


      Conventional wisdom is that a non-tapered grip will make a hook less likely. Our testing has shown that this isn’t true either, it’s purely a matter of fit with the individual.


  19. Mark Crisp

    I’ve got these grips and they are awful in the wet or hots days

    Not impressed at all

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