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Golfers are a unique breed.  Golf seems to invade our very being.  We love to play golf, endlessly talk about golf – we even desire to live in golf communities and go on golf vacations.  As such, it’s not surprising that companies want to connect with us as golfers, but often the link is a bit weak.  So what’s the golf association with The Clover Whiskey?  Bobby Jones – how much stronger can you get than that?

The Clover name stems from the link between the four-leaf clover and St. Patrick’s Day, on which Bobby was born in 1902.    The story goes that Bobby received a four-leaf clover medallion from his mother that he wore in every match he played.  Based on his acclaimed record, and that he’s arguably the best amateur golfer to ever play the game, I’d say the clover is a wonderful brand symbol.  And let us not forget that each leaf of the four-leaf clover represents a wonderful value:  hope, faith, love and luck.  The Clover Whiskey website goes on to add “…all of which are helpful in golf, life, and the making of whiskey.”  Cheers to that.

The Clover Collection

The Clover Whiskey isn’t a distiller, but a purveyor of premium single barrel whiskey sourced from some of the finest rack houses across select states.  Never blended, the barrels they discover get proofed, chill-filtered and bottled in Madison, North Carolina.  The Clover Collection, as it’s known, currently consists of a 4 year bourbon, a 4 year rye, and a 10 year Tennessee bourbon.  The trio are truly limited releases with each bottle labeled for the barrel it came from, and may feature nuances that are inherent with the complexity of the single barrel platform.  You can find Clover Whiskey at many of the finest golf clubs throughout the country along with a few fortunate retailers.  I joined The Clover Club (it’s free) to keep abreast of future releases and special events.

10 year Single-Barrel Straight Tennessee Bourbon

The 10 year Single-Barrel Straight Tennessee Bourbon Whiskey is a true gem.  The deep amber color looks inviting in the distinctive bottle and even more so in a glass.  On the nose the bourbon is mellow yet engaging, with wisps of toasted wood and molasses.  Savoring it neat, I’m amazed with the richness and complexity of flavors which I sum up in one word – lovely.  Delightfully smooth from my lips on past my tongue, this is a bourbon worth savoring.  The structure also holds up nicely to the addition of an ice cube or two – any more would be disrespectful to the wonderful quality of this bourbon.

While traveling the world, Bobby Jones had a custom of enjoying three fingers of the finest local whiskey after competition.  In the same spirit, The Clover Whiskey sources premium whiskeys for golfers and their friends to enjoy.  To honor the legacy of Bobby Jones, a portion of the proceeds from the Clover Collection go to support philanthropic efforts.  Bobby Jones, golf and whiskey – relationships worth celebrating.

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