Get to Know: HandUp Golf

Get To Know:  HandUp Golf

What do mountain bikers and golfers have in common?  A love for beer – and a need for gloves.  Ok, not all golfers wear gloves nor, dare I say, like beer, and fortunately HandUp is more than just a glove company.  A well established brand in the cycling world, HandUp added golf products to their lineup because, as their marketing chief Troy recently shared with me, “Golf absolutely rules.”

Troy’s exuberance is shared by several other staffers at HandUp – a fun loving group that doesn’t take themselves too seriously.  Take a minute and check out their Meet The Team page – Turner the dog is sure to bring a smile to your face.   Clearly a passion for the outdoors, pets, and beer is a common thread.

If you were wondering where the company name HandUp came from, look no further than the photo above.  Like all HandUp gloves, each golf glove has a whimsical saying printed on the palm.

Graphics – from subtle to bold – add flair on the back of the hand.  If subtle is still too much for you, there’s a plain white version, but you’ll need to channel your inner Phil as the palm reads “HITTIN’ BOMBS.”  Made from synthetic leather for durability, flex stitching and ventilation holes add to the all around comfort.

While the HandUp golf gloves are meant to make a visual statement, their shorts and pants are the complete opposite.  Available in basic solid colors, the A.T. (All Time) shorts and pants are designed to for versatility – wherever the days adventures take you.  The cotton/spandex/poly blend is super comfortable and offers tons of stretch.  Not your typical bottoms, the A.T.’s feature a drawstring inside the waist band and zippered front pockets.

HandUp Golf also has some great accessories to complement their gloves and apparel.  The micro fiber golf towels come in patterns that match the gloves and also look great on their own.

The HandUp socks are not only fashionable and comfortable, they’re made in Chattanooga.  I particularly enjoyed this listed feature:  “Goes on Feet.”

With its simple logo and stylish structure, the Pro Performance HandUp Golf hat plays well at any course.

Whether you like to make a statement every time you tee it up or just want to add a little fun to your next golf getaway, check out the gloves from HandUp Golf.   High quality and budget friendly, HandUp Golf offers products that you won’t find in the typical pro shop.

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