Garsen Quad Tour Pistol Putter Grip Review

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The Garsen Quad Tour Pistol putter grips offer an angular take on the traditional pistol shape.  Offered in different materials as well as tapered and non-tapered shapes.  Succeeds in putting the grip into the fingers more than the palm.


Early last year, Dylan and I took our first look at Garsen Golf’s line of putter grips [find it HERE].  Since then, Garsen has partnered with Tony Finau on a signature grip and built on the popularity of their Quad Tour grip with the new Quad Tour Pistol grips.  In this review, I’ll look at these new offerings – the Quad Tour Pistol NT, TPE Tapered, and TPE Non-Tapered – to see what type of players they can help.


All the Garsen Quad Tour Pistol grips have very clean appearances with traditional color schemes.  The Quad Tour Pistol TPE has the appearance of a Pingman grip with its black rubber and white paint.  There is bolder branding with a large white “Garsen” on the top and “QUAD Tour” on both sides.

The Garsen Quad Tour Pistol NT (below) has a similar look on the top – black with a white “Garsen” logo.  What sets it apart is the hexagonal texture.  Around the sides and back of the grip, there is a large silver section and a white stripe breaking up the black.


The Garsen Quad Tour Pistol TPE grip has the “classic smooth rubber feel” that most golfers know from the Pingman grip.  Garsen describes the material as “High-Tech TPE,” and I would note that it feels a little softer than a Pingman.

In contrast, the Garsen Quad Tour Pistol NT feels like most other large, modern grips.  The material is “High-Tech PU” and, as you can see above, it has a textured finish.

My take on the feel of these grips does differ from what Garsen describes.  They state that the TPE is “soft” but the NT is “medium.”  To me, the TPE feels much more solid than the NT with neither being softer than the other.  Additionally, they describe both grips as “semi-tacky,” but I only feel tack in the TPE.  To me, the hexagonal texture is the only thing keeping the NT from being quite smooth.


Let’s start with the specs on these three grips.  All three are the same length – 10.75″ – but that’s the only shared spec.  The Garsen Quad Tour Pistol NT is the lightest and largest at 55 grams with a 1.4″ diameter.  Both the tapered and non-tapered versions of the Quad Pistol Tour TPE are substantially heavier and a bit smaller.  The tapered version weighs 76 grams with a diameter of 1″; the non-tapered is 88 grams and 1.1″.

As someone who has often used a Pingman grip, the feel of the Quad Pistol Tour TPE was immediately comfortable.  I also preferred the smaller size, and definitely felt that the grip was more in my fingers, as Garsen promotes.  This made my grip feel very secure and actually a bit tight.  I didn’t have the sensation of tension or squeezing the grip too hard, but I felt like my hand was more engaged and locked in.  Also, I found that the large flat “top” of the grip makes it a natural fit for a claw-style hand placement.

With the larger, lighter Garsen Quad Tour Pistol NT grip, I did not have the “locked in” sensation to the same extent.  However, I did feel my elbows more tucked into my body, which is another one of Garsen’s claims.  Ultimately, the feel of this grip in my hands and at impact is not what I prefer – the TPE ended up on my gamer – but for players used to larger, modern grips, this will be a natural fit.


The Garsen Quad Tour Pistol putter grips give golfers three more interesting options when deciding how to grip their flat stick.  For players accustomed to larger grips, the Quad Tour Pistol NT delivers that feel with a pistol shape married to Garsen’s popular Quad style.  Players who like a more traditional rubber grip can still benefit from Garsen’s designs with the Quad Tour Pistol TPE.

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