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Garsen putter grips offer a range of unconventional shapes and larger sizes.  Intended to promote consistency on the greens.  Grip shapes you won’t find anywhere else.

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Much has been made of innovations in putter designs.  But that’s not the only part of the “flat stick” that has evolved in recent years.  Putter shafts and grips are now both parts of the equation for golfers looking to find more consistency on the greens.  Garsen putter grips aim to make it easier to take the hands out of the stroke and make a simple straight-back-and-through motion.

For this review, we tested three models: the MAX, the Ultimate, and the Quad Tour.

Note: This review is a collaboration between myself and Dylan Thaemert.

Garsen MAX Putter Grip

The Garsen MAX claims to put golfers in a “more biomechanically efficient position” thanks to the pronounced spine that runs down the front of the grip.  Dylan found that a prayer-style grip was most comfortable, and also found a claw-style grip viable.

For me, a conventional grip worked nicely with the MAX, but I could not find a comfortable placement for a claw grip on the spine.  That said, I’ve never used the claw grip seriously, so take that for what it’s worth.  As a player with a conventional putting grip, the MAX was my favorite.

All of the Garsen putter grips share a similar feel.  They have a fairly soft cover with minimal tack and moderate cushioning.  Additionally, they all weigh in the low 50 gram range.  It’s unlikely you’ll need to make major swing weight compensations with these grips.  Finally, all of the grips shown in this review are available in a variety of colors.

Garsen Ultimate Putter Grip

The Ultimate appears most similar to other oversized no-taper grips on the market.  While it’s listed as having “three flat sides” it looks more like the front section of the grip is flat and the rest of the grip is a continuous curve.  It is a non-tapered grip.

According to Dylan, the Ultimate is the most versatile, in terms of how to grip it.  With his typical left hand low grip, it felt natural.  “Paired with my Bettinardi BB-46 [review HERE] it was easy to make smooth strokes of varying lengths.  Because of the size of the grip, I think there’s slightly less feedback through the hands than with a standard pistol grip.”

I agree that there’s a lot of versatility in the Ultimate, but it wasn’t a fit for me.  Garsen states that this is a good grip for “side facing thumb position,” which I can certainly see, but that’s not a style that I find comfortable.

Garsen Quad Tour Putter Grip

The Garsen Quad Tour putter grip has the most jarring look of this group, in my opinion.  As you can see above, this grip has a trapezoidal shape that’s miles from traditional grips.  Despite the odd look, Dylan and I both felt that it was easy to transition to the Quad Tour from a standard pistol grip.  In fact, Dylan felt the Quad Tour was “a good marriage of what I am used to and what I am looking for” making it his favorite.  He also felt this grip promoted a flat left wrist and square contact.

Garsen’s Quad Tour grip comes in both tapered and non-tapered versions.  I tested the non-tapered version and found that the flat surfaces made it ideal for non-traditional grip styles.  The wide front made it a natural fit for the claw grip.  It’s also a great choice for players who like the look and feel of things being squared to their target.


More than any other aspect of the game, putting allows for a wide range of strategies.  Part of that is finding a grip and grip style that work for you.  Garsen grips appeal to that sense of individuality with a line of grips that are unlike the options you get from other makers.  If you’re looking to hit refresh on your putting, check out their unique options.

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  1. Jim Schultz

    Interesting article on grips

  2. Tried these in 2016, it was a different model and did not give much of a chance. The Max Tour with a semi-tacky cover, may be doable. About to order one …

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