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50 Words or Less

Game-inglove makes audacious claims about its effectiveness.  A good training aid, but not the cure-all it claims to be.


“What if there was a golf training aid that could single-handedly eliminate the mistakes that destroy 99% of amateur golf swings and would finally lead to a repeatable, powerful and consistent golf swing? Would you want to try it?” – Game-inglove website

That sounds pretty enticing, doesn’t it?  “Single-handedly eliminate the mistakes that destroy 99% of amateur golf swings.”  “Lead to a repeatable, powerful and consistent golf swing.”  Yes, I would like those things.  Can Game-inglove really deliver on those bold promises?  We put it to the test to find out.

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Ease of Use & Set-Up

Game-inglove is simply a glove, so there’s no real set-up needed, just put it on.  The laser works by a switch, so that’s easy, too.  The laser can be adjusted to suit different set up positions, but dialing that in takes only a moment.

Game-inglove comes with an instructional booklet, DVD, and a Laser Path Mat to guide your practice.  These are essential to getting the most out of Game-inglove, so expect to watch the DVD at least once and keep the booklet handy.

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There are three features to Game-inglove: the Realizer Club Face, the Shaft Palm Line, and the Laser Path Guide.  I’ll discuss each one individually.

The picture of the club face on the back of the glove is the Realizer Club Face.  This is designed to teach the concept that the club face mirrors the back of the left hand during the golf swing.  I think this is an important idea, but it’s not exactly new: the idea can be found in lessons and tips on this website and in dozens of golf magazines.  Adding the literal visual connection may help some, but I don’t think it’s necessary to teaching the concept.  Seeing the club face on the back of the glove is a fine reminder, but one that may be extraneous to many golfers.

The Shaft Palm Line is pretty self-explanatory, but it can be seen in the second image above for those that want the visual.  By putting the shaft of the club along this line “the golfer has perfect connection with the club” according to the instructional booklet.  While I like the idea of getting the grip out of the palm and into the fingers, the line will not stop players from having grips that are too strong (closed face) or too weak (open face).  Also, like the Realizer Club Face, the idea of marking a glove to improve grip is a nice reminder but not revolutionary.

Finally, there’s the Laser Path Guide.  This is the piece of Game-inglove that I felt held the most promise.  The idea is that the laser (along with the booklet, DVD, and mat) will help golfers identify flaws in their hand path and guide them to swing on a better arc.  I really like the concept, and the adjustable laser allows for a range of set up positions.  The one concern I have is that, if you’re using it alone, you need to swing in slow motion to see where your path is.  If you’re swinging at full speed, you won’t be able to track the laser.  I think that slow motion work has its place, but an aid is better if it can be used at full speed as well.  It’s also worth mentioning that, in my experience, the laser is not strong enough to be seen outside.  This limits Game-inglove to indoor use which further separates it from actual golf swings.

All in all, I think there are some sound concepts at work in Game-inglove, but it’s not a game changer.

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The glove itself is of average quality, so I would expect it to last up to a season, depending on how hard you grip the club.  If you don’t use it for full swings, obviously the glove will last much longer.  The Game-inglove laser does have a replaceable battery which is nice.  Overall, because the glove has the potential to simply wear out, its longevity is below average.

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At $60, I think that Game-inglove is a decent value, but not great.  Two elements of Game-inglove – the Club Face Realizer and Shaft Palm Line – can be added to any glove with a Sharpie.  Hence, you’re paying a hefty premium for the Laser Path Guide, DVD, and mat.  I think these are good pieces, but not worth the money unless you enjoy slow motion, indoor practice.

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While I like the simplicity of Game-inglove and I think the concepts that it tries to teach are sound, I’m not convinced that it will be effective in helping people improve in the way that it claims to.  Also, I think the price will be a barrier for many players.  Ultimately, Game-inglove is not a training aid I will be bringing to my lesson tee.

Matt Saternus


  1. Thanks Matt,

    I have some updates and news that may address some of the concerns you have about the product.

    1. The production model (due out Dec) will have a brighter laser that will have the ability to be rotated through 170 degree which will allow for any set-up or stance and you will able not only to project in front of you but also against a facing wall for additional feedback. This will allow for putting and use of every club in the bag.

    2. The production model will come with a laser path mat which will clearly show where the “green zone” is and where the “red zone” is; if you stray into the red on either you backswing or follow-through you have a swing flaw that needs addressing by referring to the accompanying brochure.

    3. The production model will also come with an instructional DVD filmed by the Brand Ambassador Mike Fay, PGA (Boyne Academy MI, Golf Channel swingfix instructor, Top 50 Kids Instructor and host of Ask The Pro on Twitter. The instructional DVD will show how each of the elements of Game-inglove combine to identify and fix 99% of swing faults and build and build a consistent swing.

    4. You are getting way more than a glove with some markings (which are exceptional by the way); you are getting a complete swing training solution which will correctly teach the takeaway, impact and follow-through all narrated and explained by Mike.

    5. In the meantime each video will be posted to the website as and when they are completed.

    The production model will come in seven sizes from Junior to Men’s XL, to the shaft palm line will alway be in the right place, and more accurate than your sharpie

    Game-inglove has a testimonials page that has been up for about 10 days. Check it out at and look out for the Press Release tomorrow announcing Mike as the Brand Ambassador.

    Thanks again Matt.

    Mark Berry

  2. Hi Matt, I was searching for a review for game in glove for a friend and came across your surprisingly negative review. And no, I’m not related to the guy above. Just a last name coincidence. I love this thing. I’m a 19 handicap and after using it for a a few hours my path is greatly improved and I am making much much better contact. Yes , the concepts aren’t “new” my teacher has been working with me on proper downswing line for a year but this reinforces that so I can SEE what I am doing wrong. The correction is instantaneous and for a mid handicapper I find this to be the most effective training aid I have ever used. Believe me i am no sucker for these things either (wanna buy a slightly used tour angle 144 or a swingyde?) This thing educates your hands, which I found invaluable.

  3. Elijah Winfrey

    Hi there,
    I purchased the game in glove and it has been a great aid for me. I use it everyday when I’m out practicing and I’ve started hitting draws. It really is a great product.

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