Galway Bay All Weather Rain Jacket Review

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The Galway Bay All Weather rain jacket lives up to its name.  Excellent waterproofing and enough warmth for chilly fall days.  Great fit.


Right now, we’re all enjoying the last month of beautiful, predictable summer weather.  But soon – sooner than I’d like to think about – it’s going to be fall.  And while I love fall golf, it can be uncertain when it comes to weather.  I tested the Galway Bay All Weather jacket to see if it should be your choice for wringing the last few rounds out of the 2021 season.


Black.  The Galway Bay All Weather jacket comes in black, full stop.  There is a very small, white “GB” logo on the back, but otherwise it’s completely black.  And for a rain jacket, that’s just fine.  When the bad weather rolls in, the goal is finishing the round, not showing off your style.


We’ll get to the body of the jacket in a moment, but I want to start with the collar.  The rounded collar allows you to zip up completely without being stabbed in the neck.  More subtly, the collar is taller in the back to keep water out, shorter in the front for comfort.  Major applause for this simple, thoughtful piece of the design.

As for the rest of the jacket, I would classify the fit as average.  That’s not to say the quality is average but rather than it’s meant for the average body.  It’s not fitted and athletic, but it’s not a big, shapeless trash bag, either.  This is well-cut for the vast majority of people in the middle of the bell curve.  There’s room throughout to layer underneath, but I never felt like I was swimming in this jacket, even with just a polo underneath.


The raison d’etre for the All Weather jacket is a new, lighter, more stretchy material that retains the breathability and waterproofing of its predecessor.  Starting with the most easily tested, the waterproofing is excellent.  You can stand in front of a garden hose and stay dry…at least where the jacket covers.  The zippers are waterproof, too, so your stuff won’t get drenched either.

What separates Galway Bay’s offerings from others is the warmth and flexibility.  Some rain jackets are paper thin which is great for the peak of summer but not that useful for spring or fall.  The combination of warmth and breathability allowed me to wear the All Weather Jacket in temps from the 80s to the 50s.  Admittedly, it’s a little warm for those upper temps, but in a heavy rain I’d rather by dry and slightly too hot.

The final piece of the puzzle is the mobility.  This jacket is cut to allow the movements of the golf swing, and that’s enhanced with material that stretches.  At no point in my testing did I feel like my swing was inhibited by the All Weather Jacket.


It can be hard to plunk down the money for a top quality rain jacket, but the Galway Bay All Weather jacket raises the value by doubling as your spring and fall outerwear.  This jacket has the warmth to help you squeeze a few extra rounds into the beginning and end of the season as well as keeping you on course when the rain rolls in.

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  1. Hi, sorry to highjack this posting, but I am looking for the BEST rain jackets that IS PAPER THIN for the peak of summer in FLORIDA.
    Please share what you know/have tested to be the lightest, most breathable, yet waterproof jacket.
    Thanks in-advance!

  2. Beverly Wyas

    Love a GBbJacket as Golf Ambassador tor TPC in Vegas and Shriners I will advertise your jacket

    Moving back to Pacific Northwest to retire soon. BK Golf / Ambassador

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