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The Galvin Green Alex rain jacket is one of the best we’ve tested for truly severe weather.  Designed for superior on-course performance.


“For golfers, by golfers” is a bit of a cliche, but when it comes to Galvin Green’s rain gear, it certainly does ring true.  No one who doesn’t golf could understand exactly how a jacket should move to keep from impeding the swing.  Non-golfers would never sacrifice pockets for performance.  Galvin Green did this and more in designing one of the most rugged, high performance golf jackets we’ve tested.

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Most of the time, we review golf jackets in golf weather.  This Galvin Green jacket got a slightly tougher test – standing up to Chicago winter.  My first day wearing this jacket, the temperature was in the single digits, the wind was 30 MPH, and the wind chill was decidedly sub zero.  While I won’t tell you that this jacket made me want to stay outside and build an igloo, it was a solid shield against the wind, and it made me wish I had similar protection for my legs.  In any remotely reasonable golf weather, this jacket will keep you nice and toasty.

The Gore-Tex shell is equally good at keeping out water.  Whether in rain or indoor torture tests, this jacket kept me perfectly dry.

The things that really set this jacket apart are the smaller details.  First is the positioning of the pockets.  Most jackets have a pocket on either hip – that’s standard and no one would think twice about having them there.  The problem is that when those pockets get loaded up with stuff (as pockets are apt to do), they get in the way of the swing.  Galvin Green opted to dump both front hip pockets in favor of one on the chest and one on the back of the right hip.  Both of these pockets are easily accessible and plenty big to hold a glove, tees, or ball, but they’re completely out of the way of your swing.

Finally, the velcro strips on the back allow for a custom fit.  Most people have had the experience of trying to golf in a jacket that was either too large or too small.  When a jacket is too large, you end up with a noisy hindrance flapping around on your back.  When it’s too small, you’re unable to move.  These velcro straps allow you to get a fit that will allow you to swing comfortably without excess material drooping behind you.  At first glance this feature seemed a bit odd to me, but it ended up being one of my favorite things about this jacket.

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One thing that Galvin Green has been notorious for is large branding all over their apparel.  That’s been toned down in the Alex jacket (and toned down further in the rest of the 2015 line), but there still won’t be any doubt about what brand you’re wearing.

Beyond the branding, the style of Galvin Green is fairly conservative.  The Alex jacket comes in a variety of colors, and the splashes of color and contrast stitching create a little visual interest without being too busy.  In short, no one is going to look bad in Galvin Green.

Galvin Green - Gear Up App

Galvin Green Gear Up App

“Why does a clothing manufacturer need an app?”

I asked the same thing when I was first introduced to the idea at the PGA Show.  The answer is actually pretty interesting.  The Gear Up app is basically a combination of the Weather Channel app and your mother: it tells you what the weather is going to be at the course and what you should wear for that weather.  This is Galvin Green’s way of introducing golfers to their layering system which includes everything from rain gear to underwear.  If you want to be prepared, it’s worth checking out.

The free Galvin Green Gear Up app is available for both iPhone and Android devices.

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For players who want to play in the worst conditions, the Alex jacket from Galvin Green gets my highest marks.  It will keep you bone dry in the rain and can block even the most driving wind.  Most importantly, it does this without impeding your swing.

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