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The Gabe Golf Swing Trainer is a simple, effective way to teach the concepts of “loading up” your back swing and correctly sequencing your downswing.


I love technology.  I own a launch monitor, I track all my shots with my phone, I use a laser rangefinder on the course.  But sometimes, more technology isn’t the answer.  While many training aids add layers of complexity, PGA Tour winner Gabriel Hjertstedt created a simple swing trainer that effectively teaches some important swing keys.


Ease of Use & Set-Up

There is no set up or learning curve with the Gabe Golf Swing Trainer.  It looks just like any other cavity back 7 iron, and using it is as simple as swinging a club.

The “secret” to the GGST is marbles in the shaft that you will hear sliding up and down as you swing.  The idea is to go to the top of your back swing, pause until you hear the marbles stop, then swing through.  Simple, but not always easy.



The Gabe Golf Swing Trainer is essentially a way of enforcing the “freeze at the top” drill.  It gives you a clear indication that you’ve completed a pause at the top and signals you to start your downswing.  This drill, and this training aid, are very effective at the two things they set out to accomplish.

First, it encourages you to load your weight into your rear foot before you start your downswing.  This is fundamental to hitting the ball a long way.  In no other sport would you try to create power without first loading up – think of a home run swing, a quarterback throwing a Hail Mary, or a knockout punch.  It works the same way in golf.

The second key is good sequencing.  Think of throwing a ball: you start by rotating your hips and torso, then releasing your arm and wrist.  It should be the same in the golf swing, but bad golfers get out of sequence.  By freezing the swing at the top, the GGST forces you to use proper sequencing to create speed and power.  Additionally, good sequencing typically leads to a better club path and improved club face control.



At first glance, the Gabe Golf Swing Trainer seems like a one-trick pony, but the inventor, Gabriel Hjertstedt, has numerous videos on his YouTube channel (HERE) which detail the best and varied uses for the Gabe Golf Swing Trainer.  Even if you have good sequencing and weight shift, this trainer is a good way to keep yourself grounded in those fundamentals.  Additionally, the Gabe Golf Swing Trainer can easily live in your bag which boosts its longevity significantly.



Retailing for $150, the Gabe Golf Swing Trainer is on the pricey side, and it’s an easy one for reductionists to pick apart.  That said, bad sequencing is one of the biggest problems for unskilled golfers, and this trainer attacks that issue effectively.

If you’re a tinkerer, feel free to try to make your own swing trainer.  For the majority of golfers who just want to buy the tool that they need, I think the Gabe Golf Swing Trainer is a decent value.



The Gabe Golf Swing Trainer is an effective, high quality training aid designed to combat two of the most common problems in golf: bad sequencing and lack of power.  If you’re willing to spend some time with it, this training club can ingrain the fundamentals that all PGA Tour pros use to hit mammoth shots.

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  1. How does this compare to the Orange Whip? Do you think they are essentially doing the same thing?

    • Matt Saternus


      This is quite different from the Orange Whip. Most obviously, this is weighted like a regular club and allows you to hit balls.


  2. If you want to DIY this, that’s a Maltby DBM forged iron head. Pick a black shaft, pop in marbles, hrip and off you go.

  3. how does it compare to the Medicus Weighted 7 iron? Or the SKLZ Gold Flex?

  4. Thanks a lot for this great presentation that you revealed here.

  5. Joel wintjen

    AlwAys very informative and spot on.. I appreciate your feed! Mahalo



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    How do I order, preferably by phone, the 7 iron training club.

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