Fujikura Motore Speeder 661 Shaft Review

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The Speeder 661 has the same great feel and stability of the Speeder 757 in a slightly slimmed down package.


When Fujikura announced the rebirth of the Speeder series, the focus was on the 757.  This was predictable since the original Speeder 757 is one of the winningest shafts in the history of professional golf.  There are, however, three other great shafts in this new Speeder series, including the 661.  The 661 will be of particular interest to accomplished players who want the same great performance of the 757 but prefer a lighter weight shaft.

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If you want a shaft that feels smooth, has some kick, but maintains superior tip stability, the Speeder 661 will be right up your alley.  In this regard, it’s nearly identical to its big brother, the 757.  As long as you pick the correct flex, you will have no trouble loading this shaft.  To me, the 6661 plays very true to flex.

The primary difference between the 757 and the 661 is weight.  The 757 weighs in at a hefty 77 grams (in stiff flex), but the 661 is a more manageable 67 grams.  If I were splitting hairs, I’d also say that the 661 is slightly softer in the mid section, but it’s a difference you’ll only notice if you hit them back to back.

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The look of the Motore Speeder 661 is an updated homage to the original.  While the dark grey base color has been replaced with white, the dozens of tiny “Speeder” logos remain.  The primary logo is a dark cherry red that really pops.

The coolest visual element of this shaft is the large, grey “Speeder” logo that hides under all of the smaller logos.  It was hiding in plain sight until I set the club at address the first time, then it jumped out at me.

Speeder 661 LM


Since it leverages the same technology and has nearly identical feel, it’s no surprise that the Speeder 661 performs very similarly to the Speeder 757.  On average, my ball speed was nearly identical and my spin was higher by only a couple hundred RPM.  Carry and total distances were also within a couple yards.

To me, this is really impressive because the 757 has been my gamer since it arrived.  I have loads of reps with that shaft, and the 661 stepped in and put up very similar numbers right out of the box.  The only area where the 757 was significantly better was accuracy, and that’s something I chalk up largely to my comfort with the heavier shaft.

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With the Speeder 661, Fujikura adds an offering that has all the stability and low-spin performance of the heavyweight 757 but in a weight that will be preferable for the majority of amateur golfers.  For players with smooth, less aggressive transitions, the 661 can be a weapon in the driver leaving the 757 as a fantastic choice for their fairway woods.

Price, Specs, and Manufacturer’s Notes

The new Speeder series retails for $350.

The four profiles are, from heaviest and stoutest to lightest and most flexible, the 757, 661, 569, and 474.  The 757 is available in S and X flex, the 661 in R, S, and X, the 569 in S, R, and R2 (light regular), and the 474 is available in R and R2.

According to Fujikura, these shafts feature Triax Core Technology, ultra high modulus materials, and unparalleled feel and stability.

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  1. Tyson Beebe

    Hi Matt how would you compare the 661 to the fuel 60 non Tourspec shaft?

  2. Hello, I am trying to figure out what would be the best balance in Driver/3wood. I have a 102-106 swing speed with driver. I love my Matrix Blacktie 7M3. I will be switching to try out the Motore 661 and or 757. Just cant decide on what which would be the best fit. Above it states a 661 in Driver and the 757 in fairway woods….?

    • Matt Saternus


      The only way to know which would be the best fit is to work with a qualified fitter.

      As an off the cuff recommendation, I would say that the 757 is going to be closer to your Black Tie 7M3 than the 661, so I would probably start there.



  3. Matt,

    Thank you for your review!

    I got recently Titleist 913 D2 with Aldila Tour Green but I found the ball flight is under medium.
    How about 661?
    My speed was 103 but now I am on fifties.

    I prefer medium-high ballflight and soft feel. 661 is good for me?

    I will buy head only but is there any brand matching well with 661?

    Which one is better between Taylormade SLDR and Titleist 913 D2 ?

    Your opinion would be very helpful!

    Thank you in advance!

    • Matt Saternus


      I would guess that the 661 would both feel smoother to you and fly higher (slightly) than the Tour Green.

      I played the SLDR this past year and found it very low spin, though lacking in forgiveness. I don’t have a lot of experience with the 913 D2, but I know it to be a good overall driver. The biggest difference would likely be that the D2 is higher spinning.



  4. Matt how would you compare the evolution 661 to the speeder 661 for the low 90 mph swinger with smooth delivery

    • Matt Saternus


      I just posted the review of the Speeder Evolution 661 today, and I included my thoughts on the comparison between the two.



  5. Golf Professional, currently playing Aldila NV 75 stiff in driver. 148 mph ball speed at best. Launch 14 degrees. 2985 spin rate. Would the speeder 661 work well in the new Taylor Made R-15, 12 degrees? The Aldila has a stiff tip and doesn’t deliver the launch high enough for the R-15. I am exclusively with Taylor Made. Ty for your feedback. Rod

    • Matt Saternus


      I would expect the 661 to launch slightly higher than the NV and give you a much smoother feel. I hope that helps.



  6. mark brookes

    Hi matt yeah was just pondering if to buy the 661 in a x flex for my slider because I load the shaft realy hard I bought an 661 in stiff wey to soft but bought from japan on ebay its not a copy had this checked spoke to a club fiiter said they do make them their a little softer than they say they are , plus I still play the r7 tp 425 in a rombax shaft 75 gram 2.5 torue witch still holds with distance still a great club would it poss maybe the 757 in a stiff >? cheers matt

    • Matt Saternus


      There are two changes to be aware of when moving from the 661 to the 757 – the weight and the bend point. If you like the weight and bend point of the 661, I would stick with that but just go stiffer.



  7. Hi Matt I no it’s a bit dated, last year I played the 661 in my driver which I really liked. But unfortunately it snapped. I recently picked up a new 661 off ebay but it’s doesn’t have the graphics of the white 1 I had. This 1 is all black with small graphics (writing) looks completely different, is it the same shaft or an older model? It’s brand new and uncut.

    • Matt Saternus


      The short answer is that I don’t know. I would recommend reaching out to Fujikura to check the authenticity.



  8. Hi Matt, am using the Taylor Made SLDR 10.5
    My launch angle is good my spin is around 2400.
    My club speed is 93-96ish.
    My carry distance is not very good 225 +
    Can you help me select a shaft?

    • Matt Saternus


      Over the internet, I cannot. If you want to improve those numbers, you need to work with a qualified fitter in person.
      For what it’s worth, your numbers are not too far from optimal. At 90 MPH, 225 carry is optimal. At 100 MPH, it’s 250 yards.



  9. Hi Matt,
    Thanks for the launch monitor data you posted. They are almost identical to the mine. May I ask what was the loft of the club head at the time you evaluated the 661?
    Thank you for your time and efforts in your reviews, as I find them infomative.

  10. I am 70 yrs. old. I play 3 Xs a week. My handicap is 8. My driver swing speed is 95-96. I am interested in buying a Fujikura Speeder 661 shaft. Could use your help picking out the best shaft for me. Thank you

    • Matt Saternus


      We don’t do any shaft recommendations online. We strongly encourage everyone to work with a qualified fitter to find the best shaft for their game.



  11. HI Matt I´m using Titleist 916 with Diamana 60 grs. regular flex . My speed was around 95- 97 , I am on fifties too.
    I am looking a easy shaft, low torque and stability
    what do you think fo the Speeder 661 regular flex?

    • Matt Saternus


      The Speeder is great if it fits your swing. You would need to test it with a fitter to see if it does.



  12. Hi Matt,
    I currently play the Titleist 917 D3 in a 9.5* loft with a Matrix Black Tie 7m3 X-flex shaft cut down to 44.5”. I used to play the old TaylorMade 430cc SLDR in a 10.5* loft with a Motore Speeder 757 X-flex shaft cut to a similar length which I loved. My swing speed maxes out around 106 mph right now and I struggle to carry the ball more than 260-265 yards. A few years ago I was swinging closer to 110-112 and getting a carry closer to 275-280 yards. I am a pro and serious about getting back into competing but know that it’s such a disadvantage being shorter off the tee and now that I’m a bit older and may have less speed I feel a shaft change could help..
    I like my 917 D3 head as far as looks, feel and sound go but would you recommend changing the shaft to the Motore Speeder 661 in a S or X flex for a lighter feel to generate potentially higher club head speed? I recently switched my iron shafts from Project X 6.5 to KBS Tour 110 S flex and gained almost 15-20 yards on each club whilst still maintaining accuracy. What would your recommend be for achieving that with my driver?
    Thank you for your time and help.

    • Matt Saternus


      If you’re serious about your game, you should visit a quality club fitter like Club Champion or True Spec so they can help you find what will work for your game. Trial and error can be fun, but it’s not an efficient way to get to high performance, and there’s no guarantee you’ll get there.



  13. Hey Matt, dude you are a legend and a true blessing to the Golf industry! I struggle to find the right shaft. I’m a scratch golfer- 5’8” only 150lbs. My swing speed is 108-112, I currently play the old school Motore F1 stiff flex… it’s too whippy. I balloon them or snap hook it. In an attempt to remedy this, I bought a VA Comp. “Vylyn” X flex, and a “black HZRDUS 6.0”. But man, I can barely get either of those in the air, and neither will fade for me. They start left and draw left lol. I have to literally open the face and swing as if I’m playing a 50 yard slice to get any height… my goal is to be able to aim down the middle, swing as hard and aggressive as possible and not worry about the duck hook, or the ballooned slice. It appears you and I are similar players… obviously the stiff flex Motore isn’t the one, but neither is the HZRDUS black 6.0, any ideas?

    • Matt Saternus


      Thank you, you’re far too kind.

      Were you fit for any of the shafts you mentioned? If not, that would be the simplest solution. Find a local Club Champion or similarly accredited fitter and let them save you the trouble of guessing, buying, and then potentially being disappointed.



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