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Very stable, consistent feel.  Fantastic accuracy.  Low spin.


Mitsubishi Rayon’s Fubuki line of shafts has been favorites among Tour pros and better amateurs since it was released.  This year, Mitsubishi is adding two new designs, the Z and ZT, to the popular K and α models.

The ZT is designed with lower torque and a slightly higher balance point.  Most importantly, it is meant to create a ball flight slightly higher than the K-series but lower than the α.

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For me, the hallmark of the Fubuki line has always been stability and the Fubuki ZT is no exception.  Mitsubishi credits the 40 Ton Prepreg for this characteristic.  I’m not an engineer, so I can’t speak to that, but I can say that the Fubuki ZT was able to handle everything I could throw at it without once making me feel that I needed to back off the throttle.

On the spec sheet, the Fubuki ZT is said to have a higher balance point than past Fubukis.  This is not something I would have noticed if it hadn’t been pointed out.  A lot of shafts are going crazy with the counter balancing trend, but the Fubuki ZT just makes a subtle nod in that direction.

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Aesthetically speaking, the Fubuki ZT brings very few changes from past Fubuki shafts.  Then again, if your name meant “Blizzard Ninja Star” and your graphics spurred fond memories of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, you wouldn’t change either.

The lower two thirds of the shaft are a pearl white with a black Fubuki logo.  The upper third is still covered with ninja stars, but the background color has been changed from black to navy blue.  If you’ve seen my set up (white and blue everything), you know that I think this is an awesome change.

LM Data Fubuki ZT


There haven’t been many shafts that I’ve tested over the last 5 years that I fell in love with as quickly as I did with the Fubuki ZT.  From the very first swing, the results were everything I wanted: straight and long. 

I have been fighting a bad case of hooks lately, so when I saw that my shots with the Fubuki ZT were flying straight down the fairway, I expected the spin to be high.  Not so: the Fubuki ZT is one of the lowest-spinning shafts I’ve tested.

As I mentioned, the slightly higher balance point was something that I didn’t notice immediately, but I did really like.  The shaft feels very well balanced, neither head-heavy nor butt-heavy, and that enabled me to hit some of my best drives of the year.

*Note: The launch monitor testing for the Fubuki ZT and Diamana W Series were done at the same time, so the numbers can be compared apples to apples.

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For any player who has enjoyed the Mitsubishi Fubuki shafts, the ZT is something you’ll definitely want to check out.  It’s being offered in a wide range of weights (50-80 grams) to accommodate different applications and preferences.  See your local Mitsubishi Rayon fitter to give it a test drive.

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  1. hckymeyer

    Thanks for the review Matt, have you given any thought to putting together a shaft chart similar to Titleist? Where you put the shafts you’ve reviewed on a chart based on spin and launch characteristics? (low to high launch and low to high spin)

    I’d love to see something like that from your testing results.

    • Matt Saternus


      It’s definitely an interesting idea, but it’s not something I’d be comfortable with. Here’s why:

      All my testing and reviews show, or mean to show, is how something performs for me. In my testing, many shafts appear to be pretty high launch/low spin because of my AoA and Spin Loft. This won’t necessarily hold true for other players.

      More importantly, shaft performance is largely a result of feel. That’s not just me saying that, it’s virtually every reputable fitter I’ve spoken with over my career in golf. Look at the Aldila Tour Blue and Tour Green as an example: the Green is supposed to be lower launching and spinning, but because of it’s feel, it ended up being higher launch and spin for me. Does that mean Aldila is wrong about what their shaft does? No, it just means that saying a shaft is “___ launch, ___ spin” is an oversimplification.

      Ultimately, PluggedInGolf.com is meant to be a resource to help people play better golf. Fitting has been shown time and again to be the path to better equipment choices and better golf, so that’s what I want to promote. Charts that oversimplify things like shaft choice, though they may be well intentioned, undermine fitting and lead people to poor equipment decisions.

      Long answer to a short question. :)



      • Ha ha, thanks Matt. I respect that answer very much, even if it does take some of the fun out of club ho’ing :)

  2. What flex / weight did you try? What, if any did you tip?

  3. Nocke Chiangmai

    You say that the launch monitor testing was done at the same time as the Diamana W series, so the numbers can be compared apples to apples.
    Well yes, if you had the same clubhead in both shafts. Did you ?

  4. Hello Matt, awesome review here as always! You gave me some real good advice on some products a while back so let me start by just saying thank you again!! I had a quick question for you and if you get a chance to respond awesome, if not that’s totally understandable. I just read your review of the speeder 757 and you mentioned it’s one of the best you’ve hit for you. The numbers aren’t posted there like they are with most though. The numbers on this shaft here seem just about perfect though. Could you let me know your numbers with the 757 and what made it perform better than this fubuki if it did? I’m going to get one of the 2 and enjoyed the old 757 and the fubuki K so I’m just curious on your thoughts and numbers if you get a chance. Thanks and awesome work as always!!

    • Matt Saternus


      Thank you, and I’m glad my advice worked out well for you.

      I don’t know why I don’t have complete numbers in the 757 review, but I did write “13* of launch with approximately 2400 RPMs” in the Performance section, so that gives you a rough idea.

      You won’t go wrong with either of these shafts, but at the end of the day, I’m kind of a Fujikura homer. I think most gear heads find that there’s one shaft company that always seems to work for them, and for me that’s Fujikura. There are plenty of shafts from other companies, like the Fubuki ZT, that I could happily play forever, but there’s just a comfort factor with Fuji that I can’t beat.

      I hope that helps.



  5. Matt, as always you are the best!! Your response time is insanely fast and I can’t thank you enough as I’m about to pull the trigger on the fubuki and really wanted to hear from you first!! I think the fubuki K is about the best fit I’ve ever had for me but really look forward to trying this one. Thanks again my friend and thanks for all of your hard work!

  6. hi,swing speed 85 high launch.would the zt 60 be good for me.I hit a fubuiki once it felt good. handicap is 20.

    • Matt Saternus


      There’s really no way for me to know based on that information. The best advice I can give you is to go see a qualified fitter.



  7. Niklas Myrnäs

    Hi Matt!

    Thanks for your good reviews, they are always nice to read.

    How do you think this shaft would work fitted in a 3-wood. I’m tempted.

    I’m a 9 handicapper with a moderate swing tempo and a speed around 95 to 100.

    Best regards


    • Matt Saternus


      You’d need to see a fitter for the answer to that question. This might be great in a 3W for some players but terrible for others. No way to know without swinging it yourself.


  8. Hi!

    Thanks for your answer.

    Yes, I understand that and that’s a dilemma. Because that is easier said than done as it will be hard to find a fitter that have it fitted as a 43″ 3-wood shaft. At least here in Stockholm. But you can always buy the pig in a poke. :)


  9. Svend Andersen

    Hello Matt

    I am near buying a big bertha fusion driver 10,5 degrees for my daughter.
    She is 24 and hcp 3.
    Awerage length for a lady elite golfer and swing speed in the high regular – going stiff she loose a bit of length.
    I would say she swings the driver somewhere between normal and fast.
    Which shaft option – fubuki zt 60 regular or KuroKage black tini 50 regular – would you recommend.
    Thanks a lot

    • Matt Saternus


      There’s no way for me to give you a responsible recommendation. I would suggest you get her to a qualified fitter to find the best shaft for her.



  10. anthony gray

    hi Matt, I’m able to pick up 1 of these new. if you were to drop down to the lighter 60g shaft would you use x stiff, instead of stiff?

  11. anthony gray

    Hi another question Matt.
    Would you still consider this shaft in todays market?

  12. Matt, I like your approach and would love to hear what you say about these two shafts. I have XR Pro with Speeder 565 and BB Alpha Pro with Fubuki ZT 60, both 9* both R flex. I hit drives 235-245 range (69 yrs old, 160 lb) but seem to hit the XR Pro a bit further than the Alpha Pro, though not as consistently straight. was wondering if you thought I might gain some distance with the XR Pro head on the Fubuki shaft, while still retaining the control?

    • Matt Saternus


      I couldn’t say definitively. Typically a shaft that works well for you will translate well to other heads, but the head may affect the shaft differently due to weight, COG, etc.



  13. Timothy White

    Matt, I’m looking for a Fubuki ZT shaft that was in a J715 Bridgestone Driver. It felt perfect and not sure about the weight or flex. He is on Bridgestone Staff and around 2+ years with this driver. I’m 65 and solid swing about 78 mph. Do you think the 60 S would work for me?

  14. Matt,

    Good information on the Fubuki shafts. I have one in the 10.5 degree with the XStiff. I know I am swinging over 100 mph with the driver and my carry distance is similar to what you show in the article. However I get very little roll since I hit so high.
    A 75% swing with the Driver gives me the best results but if I go any faster it doesn’t perform (No extra distance – more height and off target)

    Does Fubuki have something that is a little stiffer or that handle a little more torque?


    • Matt Saternus


      MCA hasn’t added to the Fubuki line up recently, so I’ve lost touch with it a bit. I would suggest working with a fitter to find a shaft that fits your swing.



  15. George Angelopoulos

    Good morning I am looking at a Fubuki zt 60 stiff shaft don’t know if it’s the right fit? My swing speed in average is 96mph. I currently hit a reg shadt and get about 225 yards out if it. What do y think?

  16. Just found your review. Thanks for the insight
    Did you ever test the Fubuki FW 71x4ng – Flex: Stiff

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