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Fourteen RM4 Wedge Review

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The Fourteen RM4 wedge is as premium as they come right down to the last detail.


Fourteen Golf has been around for two decades and, while still a relatively small player in the industry, their products have been proven on the highest level.  The brand was born in 2002 and developed notoriety almost overnight after Ernie Els won the British Open with a Fourteen Golf driving iron in the bag.  The win garnered attention from some of the world’s best players and the golfing public.

Almost twenty years later, Fourteen Golf has released their newest product – the RM4 wedges.  The RM4 incorporates a new “step blade” design which is a separation between the left and right side of the club (as can be seen above).  This design shifts the center of gravity to the heel in lower lofted wedges for assistance in full shots.   The “step” (and center of gravity) moves toward the toe in the higher lofted clubs for improved feel and control on shorter chips and pitches around the green.

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One thing I despise are wedges that are too busy with logo and design.  Less is more, right?  The RM4 embodies that aesthetic.  A light brushed steel covers most of the wedge with only their trademark feather logo and “RM4” etched on the back with black paint fill.

Despite having different lofts and grinds, each wedge has very soft, rounded edges which I’ll talk more about in the performance section.  The RM4s have some offset but the weighting actually wants to roll the face open at address.  These look the part of a boutique wedge.

Sound & Feel

I have played my share of cast and forged clubs, and I am not convinced that one is better than the other.  With that said, the soft feel I get with the RM4 is why so many players prefer the forged feel.  It feels like the ball slides up the face with enough spin to grip any green in any condition.

On full shots, there is a deep, muted “tick” while shorter shots around the green are soft with plenty of feedback to know where the ball is going before it lands.  Shots near the hosel or the toe are a bit harder.  I felt these off center shots more in my hands which is expected on a forged club like this.


I had the chance to get both grind options that Fourteen offers in the RM4 – the H or hill grind and S or standard grind.  The standard grind is the most forgiving for full shots.  The more versatile H grind is ideal for rolling the face open for more creative shots around the green.  I had a good time playing around with the H grind because of how flush the leading edge sat with the ground.   Regardless of how much loft I wanted to put on the ball, I didn’t have to worry about thinning a ball into my partner’s shins.

Several manufacturers have some version of the v-sole.  The soft, rolling sole of the RM4 is a better version of that.  The club glides through the turf and as a steep angle of attack player, this is something that helped on shots when contact with the ball was second to the turf behind it.

Spin is always a big question when it comes to wedges.  On the launch monitor, I noticed a very consistent amount of spin with each type of grind and loft.  On real grass conditions, I got comfortable with the RM4 wedges quickly.   The roll-out and stopping power is easily replicated from shot-to-shot.  Full shots into greens generated a mid-high flight pattern with enough stopping power to stop at or near its ball mark.  The key for me was consistency that I don’t always see with wedge sets.


Fourteen Golf’s new forged RM4 wedges are simple in design yet every detail is carefully crafted.  These look and feel like a boutique wedge with enough spin and consistent control to get your short game going.

Visit Fourteen Golf HERE

Fourteen Golf RM4 Wedge Price & Specs

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  1. Dang! Fourteen makes the best wedges ever, and these are absolutely amazing looking. I’ve been playing them for years, presently in the RM21’s. Anxious to see how their new weight distribution on the back feels and works. Also, wonder if they will make these available in a raw version? Can’t believe more players don’t play them, except that they are a little more expensive than others. Nice review.

  2. Nice review. Those are some gorgeous wedges. I love the look of the of fourteen clubs.
    The clean looks and quality that you can’t find in any big brand.
    You pay for what you don’t see and what you see with fourteen clubs.
    Pure quality.

  3. Thanks for reviewing these. I’ve had my eye on a 52/58 H combo since I saw they were being released. This may be the best looking Fourteen wedges they’ve made, which is saying a lot! Any idea where these are forged? I believe Fourteen used to use Endo.

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