Fourteen RM-12 Wedge Review

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The Fourteen RM-12 wedge has an innovative design that makes it perform brilliantly on longer shots and spin more on every shot.  High end feel and looks.


Fourteen takes its name from its lofty goal of trying to “provide the 14 best clubs for any and all golfers.”  Based on the level of craftsmanship and performance in their wedges, I am beginning to believe that this goal is not unattainable.  With the RM-12 wedges, Fourteen displays their ability to deliver not only high-end looks and feel, but also innovative, performance-driven design.

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With the RM-12, Fourteen has created a wedge that says “all business” at address and “top of the line” when it sits in your bag.

When you set the RM-12 down behind the ball, you’ll notice that the leading edge has just the slightest curve to it, creating a look that will please most golfers and functions well.  The shape of the wedge fits somewhere between round and teardrop.  The heel area looks a bit taller than other wedges which gives the club the appearance of being a touch shorter from heel to toe.

In your bag, the RM-12 is pure class.  The single feather logo, minimal branding, and understated paint fill make this wedge a refined head-turner.

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Sound & Feel

The feel of the Fourteen RM-12 is softer than your average wedge, but crisper than some other high-end wedges.  Personally, I prefer that crisper feel because it makes the feedback more pronounced – something I value on the course when my focus is more on the shot and the result as opposed to the feel.

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Look carefully at the picture above and you’ll see the secret behind the Fourteen RM-12’s exceptional performance.  Do you notice how the blade gets thicker as it moves away from the sole?  Fourteen calls this “Reverse Muscle Design,” and its function is to move the center of gravity higher.  This may seem counter intuitive – most of what we hear in golf equipment is about low CoG – but in most wedges the CoG is already too low.  When the CoG is too low, the ball flies too high and  is unpredictable, especially in the wind.  The Fourteen RM-12, however, performs really well on full and 3/4 wedge shots, producing a more piercing, predictable ball flight.

You may be asking, “But what about spin?”  Good question.  Answer: the higher CoG helps create more spin, too.  The long answer to, “Why?” or “How?” is in my post explaining Gear Effect.

In addition to excellent spin and strong performance on longer shots, the RM-12 is also highly versatile.  This is thanks to the sole grind used by Fourteen.  On all the wedges except the 60 degree model, the RM-12 has an “H-Sole,” more commonly known as a C-Grind.  This means that there is relief in the heel, toe, and trailing edge so that the club can be opened up without raising the leading edge too much.  On the 60 degree wedge, Fourteen uses a “T-Sole” – a grind that creates a ridge in the middle of the sole.

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After spending some time with the Fourteen RM-12 wedges, I can understand why they are the top choice of many professional golfers.  Not only do these wedges look and feel like top-tier boutique pieces, they pack serious performance as well.  Particularly for those that struggle with longer wedge shots, the RM-12 is worth a look.

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