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FootJoy Tour S Golf Shoe Review

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The FootJoy Tour S is incredibly stable.  Not my preferred style of shoe, but it will be a huge success among FootJoy’s core fans.


At any given Tour stop, two-thirds of the players in the field are wearing FootJoy shoes.  Through constant communication with those players, FootJoy has learned that the things they value most are stability, support, and comfort.  They’ve taken that feedback and put it into their latest premium golf shoe, the Tour S.


When most people think of FootJoy, they have visions of traditional saddle shoes.  In reality, FootJoy has offered a number of bolder options (hello, Freestyle) in recent years.  The Tour S falls somewhere between traditional and modern.

The design of the Tour S is fairly subdued – the toe is plain with some texture and a splash of color along the sides.  It’s the colors that can make the design pop.  The white/blue/green colorway seen here is the loudest.  There’s also an all black, an all white, and a white/grey.  On those more toned-down colors, there’s a splash of red, line, or orange in the sole.


When I first slid my foot into the FootJoy Tour S, it was a little jarring.  Having worn the TRUE Linkswear Outsider almost exclusively for several months, I have gotten used to the wide toe bed.  While the Tour S isn’t particularly narrow, it definitely feels small in comparison.

Overall, the Tour S delivers the kind of feel that you expect from a FootJoy.  It’s very structured with ample padding.  It does take a some time to break it in.


When you look at the sole of the Tour S, your eyes are immediately drawn to the nine “FJ Launch Pods.”  The purpose of these pods is obvious: like outriggers, they make the sole wider in the heel and forefoot to enhance stability.  In this regard, they are a tremendous success.  There was nothing I could do to lose my balance when swinging in the Tour S. 

This stability does come at a cost.  Because the sole is structured and rigid, you don’t feel  a natural connection with the ground.  I know that saying “stable but not connected to the ground” sounds oxymoronic.  Let me try a metaphor.  The Tour S is like swinging with your feet in cement blocks: you can swing as hard as you want without fear of losing balance, but you have little sense of what’s going in your feet.

Ultimately, the question is what kind of shoe you want.  I like a natural motion shoe, so the Tour S isn’t for me.  That said, for the target player, I think the Tour S as good as it gets. 


Taken on its own terms, the FootJoy Tour S is a huge success.  FootJoy set out to make an incredibly stable shoe, and they did just that.  If you put these on your feet, you make 110% swings all day and strike a Tour-perfect pose after each one.

Buy the FootJoy Tour S HERE

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  1. Without putting words into your mouth, Matt….these sound like the most (especially for a wide foot guy like me) uncomfortable shoes on the market. I’ll save myself some time and “pass” the next time I am trying on shoes, so thanks for the review!

    • Matt Saternus


      I wouldn’t say “uncomfortable,” it’s just a different feel. As I said, for the guy who typically wears FJ, these will be great. For me, as a TRUE guy, they’re not the best fit.



  2. How would these compare to the DNAs? They’re my favorite shoe of all time, so I am curious to see how these match up.

    • Matt Saternus


      The PowerPods make a surprisingly big difference. I would say the Tour S is much more stable. I think the feel will be similar, prototypical FootJoy.



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