FootJoy Stratos Golf Shoe Review

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The FootJoy Stratos is a golf shoe focused on comfort.  Updated VersaTrax+ sole allows you to wear these shoes anywhere.  Tremendous feel right out of the box.


In the last few years, golf shoes have borrowed heavily from other types of footwear.  We’ve seen both style and technological cues taken from running shoes and minimalist footwear.  The new Stratos is different because FootJoy engineered the cushioning specifically for the demands of the golfer.  I tested a pair to see if the result was noticeably different.


With the Stratos, FootJoy brings an upscale feel to a fairly minimalist design.  The leather upper looks and feels high end, and the monochromatic motif keeps the focus on details like the stitching.  Brown leather elements around the tongue add just a touch of visual interest.

Overall, this is a shoe that can look good in a wide variety of settings.  It’s a natural on the course, and it will look equally at home with jeans or khakis at dinner.  This is a case where the form and function fit perfectly since this shoe is designed to be worn everywhere.

The FootJoy Stratos is available in three colorways: grey, off white, and navy.


The focus of the Stratos is the cushioning, but I’ve got to start with the initial feel.  Right out of the box, these shoes feel fantastic.  The leather upper is extremely soft, and there’s no break in period at all.  You could absolutely pop the tags off these and walk 18.

On to the StratoFoam.  With all the focus on the cushioning, I was expecting a very thick, mushy, pillowy feeling.  However, the Stratos feels more like a firm mattress.  It gently supports your foot without swallowing it up, and it makes for one of the best feeling shoes I’ve tested.

It’s also worth noting the that Stratos feels lower, particularly in the heel, than most FootJoy shoes.  As someone who prefers a zero drop, minimalist shoe, this is a welcome change.  To be clear, the Stratos is not zero drop and it has plenty of cushioning, but compared to other FootJoys, it feels closer to the ground.

The FootJoy Stratos is offered in four widths in addition to the full range of sizes.  At the time of publication, the Narrow width is only avaible in grey.


When I unboxed the Stratos, one of the first things that caught my eye was the new Advanced Verstrax+ sole.  It looks very aggressive, and there’s another element that you can’t see: multiple durometers of TPU.  What that means is that some of the “cleats” are harder, others are softer so that you can get traction on every surface.  Anyone who’s ever worn “normal” spikes on cement knows exactly how valuable this can be.

In wearing the Stratos both on grass and in everyday situations, I found that this sole delivers on its promises.  While running errands, I was able to walk confidently on wet and icy streets and sidewalks.  On both real and artificial turf, the cleats provided the solid traction I’d expect from a quality spikeless shoe.  For anything short of all-out swings in muddy conditions, the Stratos will give you solid footing.

In terms of lateral stability, the Stratos hits a nice middle ground between minimalism and the structural shoes that lock your foot in place.  There’s clearly some support when you twist, slide, and swing, but you have some freedom to move, too.  I also prefer the aforementioned lower heel and sole.  Again, it’s far from minimalist, but it gets you a little closer to the ground.

As with most premium FootJoy shoes, the Stratos comes with a 2-year waterproof warranty.  I dunked my Stratos-clad foot into a bathtub of water, and my sock came out as dry as it went in.

Finally, the StratoFoam cushioning does a great job keeping your feet fresh on long walks.  Mine have been on more pavement than grass due to the weather, which is an even tougher test for the shoes.  The one tradeoff for this level of cushioning is weight: in size 13, the Stratos weighs 16.9 ounces each.


If comfort is your focus, the FootJoy Stratos should be high on your list of shoes to try in 2021.  These shoes perform well in all environments and keep your feet fresh no matter how far you walk.

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Matt Saternus


  1. Jim W Rosteck

    Good review especially informing about narrow widths available. Of course you have already helped me too much in expanding my golf shoe inventory. Must resist this review.

  2. Solid review! At first glace I thought that looked at little bland, but the more I look at them the more I like them. #SecretGiveaway2021

  3. john ballas

    nice looking shoe foot joys always fit me perfect john pit pa

  4. Rick Larocque

    Been looking for a new golf shoe. These sound like they may fit the need. Thanks for the review. #SecretGiveaway2021.

  5. Andy LaCombe


  6. Jeff Briggs

    Looks like a shoe I would like to have. Are there any other colors?

  7. #SecretGiveaway2021

  8. Mark Johnson

    These look an awful lot like my old Eccos, and those were very hard to beat for comfort and weather resistance. It all comes down to the price to try the shoes for. #SecretGiveaway2021

  9. gianvittorio cuter

    these are very comfortable shoes

  10. Harold Anderson


  11. Philip J Boyle

    Only wear Footjoy products, and these look interesting. May need to try
    BTW #SecretGiveaway2021 Always interested in a new putter. Thanks

  12. Kevin Jones

    I have been wearing Foot-Joys all my life (55+ years of use) and have found Foot-Joys to be consistently the only shoes I can wear due to my size (11.5 – B or narrow). They have a lack of models that are spikeless, so I have ended up using their Professional model teaching shoes as I am on the course a lot in capacities other than playing. These look like a good alternative, but again lack of color schemes in the narrow may be a reason for me not buying them. Will have to look at the grey to see what can be done. Maybe their MYcustom option will allow for changes. Thanks for the review. #SecretGiveaway2021

  13. Josh Giesige

    Love everything about this shoe. Minimalist design, but more character imo than the ProSLs (that I have today). Traction looks functional as well. I really hope to try these out in 2021. All the best!! #SecretGiveaway2021

  14. Alan Raville

    Great looking shoe. On my short list for this season.

  15. #SecretGiveaway2021
    Nice looking shoes!

  16. #secretgiveaway2021

  17. David Griesel

    Taking on Nick Faldo


  18. Thanks for the review. This shoe intrigued me when the release was announced. I just wish they had a better look. Spikeless shoes are great, but they need to be designed for on and off course. These are, but the look seems like a golf shoe. The flex is more like a sneaker, but lacks the performance of the stratos. Maybe something in between would accomplish what I want. #SecretGiveaway2021

  19. These shoes look like great performers and comfortable.

  20. Nicholas Johnson




  22. Jerry Payne

    Nice looking shoe. I would love to try out a pair – while using my new putter. #SecretGiveaway2021 .

  23. Jason Alan Macleod


    Love the look of this shoe. Good review.

  24. Will pass this review into a friend who has difficulty finding narrow widths in comfortable golf shoes.

  25. I’m overdue for a new pair. Great review, love the performance details on these nice looking shoes.

  26. These shoes look great in photos but don’t look as high quality in person, especially for $200. Kind of has a Skechers look to me, of course which isn’t all bad. If these had BOA-type closures, I might give them a try. I think I will stick to my faves which are the Puma PwrAdapt Cages.

  27. #SecretGiveaway2021

    Great articles. They are formatted so you can get a complete picture of the topic. Thanks

  28. Will these also be available with soft spike

  29. These are a great looking shoe. I’ve always found Foot Joy to be a reliable product and I trust Matt’s usual thorough opinion on products. These will look good with the secret give away 2021 prize. Look forward to that.

  30. The Stratos is interesting. I find FJ’s are usually very well made, but not as comfortable as other shoes. Would you say these equal the Trues?

    • Matt Saternus


      The Stratos is very comfortable but it’s a very different shoe than anything TRUE makes.



  31. Thank you for your years of review. This one led me to the FJ webpage . It’s astounding how many styles they currently offer. Then I looked in my closet. I no longer wear spiked shoes. But spiked or spikeless FJ has served me well for decades

  32. Great shoe! Very comfortable, stability

  33. Great!

  34. These lightweight shoes from a quality manufacturer should be a winner.#SecretGiveaway2021

  35. Great looking shoe, like to wear a pair while enjoying my #SecretGiveaway2021

  36. Dennis Estes

    Sole of shoe looks strange but comfortable to walk on.

  37. Ian Gerrish


  38. Mitchell Roger

    It may be time for me to finally try a pair of spike less shoes #SecretGiveway2021.

  39. Brendan Eshom


  40. Nice shows, have worn Footjoy for many years. #SecretGiveaway2021

  41. Definitely will give these a try. Love the Pro SL .

  42. John Simmons

    These shoes should fit in nicely with the older crowd shuffling along at Walmart. Maybe add Velcro straps.

  43. Another good review. I own both Footjoy and Ecco shoes. This new product looks like it’s intended to attract the Ecco buyer which is a good market share move. Do you know what the MSRP # is going to be? Thanks! #SecretGiveaway2021

  44. Rick Saunders

    Great review! Definitely will consider these for my next purchase! #SecretGiveaway2021

  45. #SecretGiveaway2021

  46. Colin Nemeth

    Great information about this shoe, I have been looking to upgrade my golf footwear. #SecretGiveaway2021

  47. #SecretGiveaway2021

  48. Ronald H Burnette

    I have been wearing Footjoy shoes for years and have had great success. I am a walker and golf approximately 100 rounds per season. Your review will have me looking at them as i am due for a new pair in the spring. Upstate New York– come on spring! #Secret Giveaway2021.


    Have tried spikeless shoes before and they would slip these seem to have a better tread design will try them.#SecretGiveaway2021

  50. Angie Holmes

    I liked the Foot Joy golf shoes

  51. Anaru Emerson

    I’ll probably give em a whirl.

  52. John Hulewicz

    FootJoy is my go to shoe! Miss the Contour series but appreciate the review and may try these on! #SecretGiveaway2021

  53. Deborah Wallace

    Valentine’s Day is next month! #secretgiveaway2021

  54. Roy G Hyden

    Great shoe

  55. Rex Blackwell

    Great looking FootJoy shoe,can’t wait to try it Rex Blackwell

  56. Rex Blackwell

    FootJoy is looking good#Secretgiveaway2021

  57. Ed McConnell

    ,#secretgiveaway2021. These shoes read like a godsend for someone with osteo arthritis, such as myself. Can’t wait to try them at a local shop ASAP. Thanks for the review🙂

  58. Steve+Pitts

    I always buy Foot Joy shoes because they are available in wide widths, durable, and comfortable.

  59. Peter Menzies

    Just purchased pro/sl shoe great comfort don’t go in rough they pick up all sought of debris. Stratos looks great probably better cushioning i believe and better under sole

  60. Great Review.
    May be the shoe that converts me to spikeless.
    Already a FJ devotee.

  61. Phillip Dowton

    My Pro SL s have done well over 3 seasons and this information will help with ny future choice.

  62. Looking for new shoes so will try these.

  63. Siatunuu, S.

    I always love Foot Joy shoes. In my opinion it’s the best shoes for me. I have a several pairs and I’ve had them for a long time. These new ones is something I may be interested in buying.
    Thanks FJ.

  64. #SecretGiveaway 2021

  65. looks like a good shoe for any situation

  66. Love my ProSL but these look good to. Nice write up!
    #SecretGiveaway2021 (unusual putter)

  67. Ian Wishart

    Nice shoes #SecretGiveaway2021

  68. Dave Sampson

    Longtime exclusive Footjoy wearer. Looking forward to trying them out once they arrive at local golf shops. #SecretGiveaway2021.

  69. Look nice. #SecretGiveaway2021

  70. Graham Simms

    I’ll probably stick with spiked shoes, but interested.


  71. I was all in on these until the last sentence! Sound a bit heavy!

    Love this site’s reviews, keep it coming.


  72. It looks like FootJoy might be borrowing some ideas from Ecco here. The soft leather upper, the colors and styling are all quite Ecco-ish. And hey – not a bad place to look for ideas! Good-looking shoe.

  73. Terrific review – especially liked the reference to waterproofing ( for some reason often overlooked in other reviews ). I was thinking of buying the Ecco S Three however had a bad experience in waterproofing with Ecco Biom Hybrid , so left me feeling unsure on Ecco brand performance in waterproof . Thinking of trying the Stratos based on this excellent review . Nice work !!

  74. Bill Baird

    I’ve only worn FootJoy shoes my entire golfing life and these are by far the most comfortable I’ve worn.. I walk 9 out of 10 rounds I play and the energy I have in my legs late in the round is amazing. I’ve ordered 2 more pair of the Stratus.

  75. I got this exact shoe, same color. I like that they look Ecco inspired but come in XW unlike Ecco.

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