FootJoy Contour Casual Golf Shoe Review

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The new FootJoy Contour Casual has a great golf pedigree and styling suitable for a party, but play-ability doesn’t quite measure up.


FootJoy has long been a brand recognized for providing golf shoes in a variety of styles and price points.  The Contour line has always provided good quality at a reasonable price.  The Casual line evolved a few years back for golfers who want a spikeless shoe that also looks good off the course.  Unfortunately, this latest version of the FootJoy Contour Casual pushes the style aspect too far and loses some of the golf functionality.


Right out of the box the Contour Casuals feel fantastic and convey confidence that they are ready to go; no break-in period needed.  The all leather uppers are supple and yet have a solid, substantial feel.  The footbed is wonderfully cushioned as is the thick collar.   I couldn’t ask for a better shoe for after a round of golf at the 19th hole or stopping at the grocery store on the way home.  It’s too bad that the three-hole lacing system doesn’t offer the opportunity to snug the fit up for action.


Without seeing the bottom, a person would have no idea these are golf shoes.  The bright color around the collar suggests these aren’t just casual lace-ups, but in today’s flashy fashion style world they might slip past the sports radar.  It is the swath of color on the sole and around the collar that drew me to them.  Without that flash, this pair of FootJoy Contour Casuals would lack identity.


On course performance is where the Contour Casual falls short.  The previously mentioned lace design lacks the ability to snug the fit, and the shoes end up feeling loose and unstable.  During the effort of a full swing or on uneven ground, the rounded nubs don’t offer adequate traction.


I love the look of the FootJoy Contour Casual and thought they would become my everyday go-to golf shoes.  While they’re great for coaching at The First Tee and practice sessions, the playing performance has not been satisfactory and I won’t be wearing them for a competitive round any time soon.

Matt Meeker

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