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FeedbacK Golf makes taking video of your golf swing much easier.  Also has tools for sharing your swing and editing the video.


Most golfers like seeing their swing on video, whether it’s to marvel at its beauty or fix the flaws.  The problem is that taking video by yourself is a pain: setting up the camera, framing the shot just right, and then you’ve got an hour of video to weed through to find your swings.

Enter FeedbacK Golf, the creation of a former NASA engineer who wanted a better way to practice.  FeedbacK removes the headaches (and unnecessary footage) from recording your own swing.

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Ease of Use & Set Up

Setting up FeedbacK is a little more involved than your average training aid, but not difficult compared to any other high tech device.  First, you need the FeedbacK app, which is available through the Apple App Store for free.  Next, you need to pair the voice controller (grey box, shown below) with your phone.  All that can be done at home before you go to the range, and it only needs to be done once.

At the range, secure your phone in the tripod and set it up about 10 feet from where you’ll be swinging.  There will be on-screen aids to help you frame the shot and align the camera to get the best video possible.  From there, tap “Start” on your phone, take your address position, and get to work.

As with any technology product, there are hiccups here and there, and you will need to figure out how you like to use the device.  The biggest thing is setting your default timings: how much video you want to record from the time you say “Ready” and how long until your session times out.  These are not major issues by any means, but you shouldn’t expect FeedbacK to know how you like to practice right out of the box.

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There are a lot of things to like about FeedbacK Golffrom the simple things like helping you frame your video well to the major selling point of freeing you from your phone.  Put it all together and I think you have a system that shifts filming your own swing from “Pain in the ***” to “Fun.”

Perhaps the most easily overlooked benefit of FeedbacK is that you will have only your swings on video as opposed to an hour of film that you’re never going to watch.  This makes it much more likely that you’ll actually watch the swings, analyze them in the Clubhouse, and improve.

Finally, we all know that the fastest way to improve is with the help of a qualified instructor.  With FeedbacK, you can share your swings with your coach and have them analyzed all through the Clubhouse.  This can help you stay on the right track between lessons and accelerate your progress.

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If I have the intention of filming my swing, I will absolutely bring FeedbacK Golf with me.  The benefits of using it are simply not debatable for me, so its longevity is excellent.

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FeedbacK Golf Collect, the first product from FeedbacK Golf, costs $80 and includes one year of Clubhouse Membership.  After that year is up, membership costs $20 per year.  At $80, FeedbacK is the equivalent of a couple green fees and below our training aid average of $100.

I think that if you like seeing your swing, FeedbacK is worth it simply for the time it saves on the range.  For most of us, time is our most limited resource, so a product that can make our practice more efficient is a good investment.  To add to that, the ability to share your swings with an instructor is great, and the tripod is nothing short of brilliant.

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If you like seeing your swing on video and don’t have a full-time videographer to follow you to the range, FeedbacK Golf is a must-have item.  It removes the hassle from filming your own swing which means you’re more likely to do it, and, hopefully, more likely to improve.

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    I am trying to utilize my feedback device and I’m unable to log into the Clubhouse App. can you help me?

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