Edel SMS Wedge Review

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The new Edel SMS wedge uses movable weights to fine tune performance.  Four grind options at every loft.  Movable weight makes a noticeable difference.  Tremendous feel.  Elite spin.


Movable weight in golf clubs isn’t new – we’ve been moving weight in drivers for almost two decades.  But movable weights in a wedge?  With apologies to PXG, that’s something new.

The Edel SMS (Swing Match System) wedge adds movable weight to the foundation of their award winning wedges to create something that might be meaningfully better for many golfers.

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It’s only fitting that a wedge that aims to change the short game also has a unique look.  At address, the Edel SMS wedge looks very iron-like.  It’s taller in the heel making the face look longer and more oval-like.  You’ll also notice that the grooves extend beyond the normal boundaries, though they don’t quite reach the edge of the face.

In the bag, the Edel SMS wedge puts all the focus on the movable weights.  The back of the blade is largely blank save for the Edel logo near the heel and the grind name on the toe.

Edel also offers customization on the SMS wedge.  For an additional $25, you can have up to 12 characters stamped on the wedge, custom paintfill, and your choice of two custom ferrules.

Sound & Feel

The Edel SMS wedges are forged from 1025 carbon steel which creates a very quiet impact.  In terms of feel, the ball is barely noticeable.  Particularly on shorter shots, I found myself almost wondering if I’d made contact.  I’d compare it do using a sledge hammer to hit a thumbtack, but that makes the SMS seem like a imprecise tool, which it definitely is not.  Let’s just say that, like everything else about this wedge, the sensation of impact is unique.


Let’s start with the facts about the Edel SMS wedge’s namesake technology.  There are three weights ports and five weights – 2, 4, 6, 8, and 10 grams.  The stock configuration is one 8 gram weight and two 2 gram weights.  Per Edel, 80% of golfers saw their best spin numbers with the heavier weight in the toe or heel.  They report that golfers average a 10% increase in spin from their worst to best weight location.  As a general rule, Edel has found that “cover” golfers (steep swings) have the best results with the weight in the heel and “under” golfers (shallow swings) have the best results with the weight in the toe.

Additionally, the Edel SMS wedges are offered in four sole grinds – C, T, V, and D.  Unlike most OEMs, Edel is offering each grind at every loft.  Edel de-emphasizes the bounce specs because there are no industry standards for measuring bounce.  They do emphasize that their soles are CNC machined to create very tight tolerances and high consistency from wedge to wedge.

I started my testing of the SMS wedge with the weight in the center position.  Right away, I was impressed with the spin – this wedge is in the elite spin range.  Next, I put the weight in the toe.  While the SMS wedge was still good, the spin numbers got a little worse and a bit less consistent.  Finally, I put the heavy weight in the heel, my predicted best location.  The launch monitor made it immediately clear that I’d found a winner.  My spin was higher and more consistent, and my dispersion was tighter and more centered.

When I took the Edel SMS wedge outside, I was predictably pleased with the sole design.  I gamed Edel wedges in the past, largely because of their sole, and the C-Grind on the SMS was like a walk down memory lane.  The bounce really helps the club move through the turf without digging, but the aggressive relief in the heel and toe allow for a lot of shot making versatility.  There not much more I could ask for.


The Edel SMS wedge is very impressive.  From the elite spin to the excellent sole designs to the movable weights, there’s a lot like.  My only word of warning is that with so many options, this wedge begs to be properly fit.  Visit the Edel website below to find your local Edel fitter so you can get the SMS wedge perfectly matched to your swing.

Visit Edel Golf HERE

Edel SMS Wedge Price & Specs

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  1. Jeremiah raine

    Will these replace the Edison wedges? Torn between the two.

    • Matt Saternus


      No, I’ll be sticking with Edison.



      • Hi Matt,

        Great review as always! To Jeremiah’s question and your first response, do you feel Edison Wedges are more forgiving than these Edels (more so for carry distance on off-center strikes)?

        • Matt Saternus


          Thank you!
          Yes, the Edison wedges are more forgiving than the Edels for off-center strikes.



          • Hey Matt – do you still game the Edison wedges. Looking for some help inside of 120 yards. There isn’t a whole lot out there in this space and was thinking the Edison’s might be the best option. I game PXG P irons with a 49 set gap wedge. Love the irons….dislike my 56 and 58 Vokey…I’m just not consistent enough with them for my liking.

          • Jon,

            Yes, the Edison wedges have never left my bag: https://pluggedingolf.com/about/matt-saternus/matts-whats-in-the-bag/

            Edison lets you try the wedges on your home course with no risk if you don’t like them. No reason not to give them a try.



  2. Matt,

    Thanks for the review. I am highly interested in these as I currently game Edel wedges and since they are about 3 years old, wanted to upgrade. I have a fitting at CC in Willowbrook in June and hope to get these dialed in.

  3. Matt,

    Would love more info on the comparison between the Edel and the Edison. I currently play the previous edels, and while I like them more than my vokeys, my launch angle on pitches and longer wedge shots is higher than optimal.

    Do the Edison wedges help with this as they mention? I’ve got a rapsodo MLM, and while I shoot to keep the launch angle between 25 and 30, it’s frequently north of 30 and occasionally at or even above 40 on full wedges.

    Would love your thoughts and a more in depth comparison between the edels and edisons on both longer wedges as well as shorter shots around the greens.

    Thanks in advance!

    • Matt Saternus


      We have two Edison wedge reviews here: https://pluggedingolf.com/?s=edison+review

      To answer your question directly, the Edison wedges launch lower than any wedge I can think of, which is a large part of why they produce such consistent distance.


      • Thank you! Out of curiosity, how material was the difference in the launch angle between the Edison and other wedges? My interest is definitely piqued, but if it’s not a noticeable enough difference, I’ll likely hold off until the grooves wear out.


        • Matt Saternus


          The launch angle gap between Edison and most conventional wedges is substantial, in my opinion.


  4. Matt, my new Edel wedges are a noticeable improvement over my Edison’s. The Edison’s do not produce anywhere near the tight shot groupings and nowhere near the ability to stop the ball exactly where you want it.

  5. travis wartluft

    The new Edel wedges are the best on the market. They are by far the softest wedge you will ever hit. If you are a low handicap player, these are the wedges for you, absolute game changers!

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