ECCO Biom G3 Shoe Review

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The ECCO Biom G3 is a cleated golf shoe with a clean, contemporary style.  Fluid, natural performance and wonderful comfort.


So often when we review a spikeless shoe, someone will comment that they like the look, but need full traction where they play.  ECCO makes our response easy by offering hybrid and cleated shoes in the Biom family.  If you prefer a non-cleated shoe check out the Biom Hybrid 3 GTX (LINK) that I reviewed about a year ago.  If traction is first and foremost in your shoe game, keep reading about the ECCO Biom G3 – your feet will thank you.


True to the family genes, the ECCO Biom G3 has simple, contemporary lines.  The tumbled textured blue leather uppers contribute to the casual look of the shoe, while the grey midsole adds visual interest – especially around the heel.  The light brown tab on the tongue hosts the only “ECCO” on the uppers which, along with the subtle four dots embossed on the side, keeps the branding minimal.

The ECCO Biom G3 also comes in black, white, and shadow white colorways.


The yak leather uppers are soft and supple.  Why yak?  Because it’s super strong, allowing ECCO’s leather craftsman (yes, ECCO owns its own tanneries) to shave it thinner, ultimately saving weight.

Right out of the box the shoes felt a bit tight in the width, but after 15 minutes the fit was great.  Sizing was consistent with prior ECCO shoes, so I was glad I went down one size.

Biom is all about natural fit and natural motion.  Standing in the shoes, my heels were in a very pleasant position midway between running shoe height and barefoot.  There’s some wiggle room in the toe box, but overall my foot felt cradled heel to toe.  Walking, the Biom G3 shoes flowed with each step.


With the wide positioning of the cleats and my heels slightly closer to the ground, I felt very stable addressing the ball.  Throughout my swing I had a strong connection to the ground not only from the Zarma-Tour spikes, but also from the shapes and locations of the molded features on the sole.

I didn’t notice it at first, but “Rotation Line” is embossed at the tip of the sole to highlight that, with proper footwork, golfers rotate onto their toe while finishing the swing.  Obsessed with precision engineering, ECCO designed the toe to enhance that action.


The ECCO Biom G3 are a perfect blend of stability and mobility in a cleated golf shoe.  I was impressed with how natural movements felt – both walking and during the swing.  Traction was excellent.  I’m a big fan of the textured leather for disguising dirt and the overall clean look of the Biom G3.  A feature I didn’t get to enjoy, but that I trust implicitly by the name, is the GORE-TEX membrane for keeping your feet dry in inclement weather.  These shoes are built for performance in all conditions.

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    Great looking shoes!

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