Duca del Cosma La Spezia II Golf Shoe Review

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Combining modern materials and old world craftsmanship, the La Spezia II by Duca del Cosma offers golfers distinctive styling and solid performance on the course and beyond.


If you’re like me, golf and Italy are two words that don’t seem to go together – no offense to the Molinari brothers.  Widening my perspective, I associate Italy with fashion, craftsmanship, then leather, and suddenly Duca del Cosma and their distinctive line of golf shoes make perfect sense.

Designed in Italy, Duca del Cosma sources the finest materials and utilizes European craftsmanship in making their golf shoes.  New to the U.S. market, Duca del Cosma has been making golf shoes for over two decades that are available in over 30 countries.


The La Spezia II puts a modern flair on the classic wingtip golf shoe.  The all white uppers gain a punch of color from the shiny orange segment on the heel, while the blue laces complement the sole.  If you prefer a more monochromatic look, go with the white laces that come installed in the top eyelets.

A closer examination of the shoe reveals well-executed assembly and attention to details.  I couldn’t find one thread out of place nor one blemish – the true mark of a premium product.  Branding is minimal on the La Spezia II with small Duca del Cosma text and a small Italian flag.  If you are fashion forward and desire bold branding, check out the Kuba, another of Duca del Cosma’s 150 styles.


Right out of the box, the La Spezia II felt a bit tight – just the way leather shoes should.  The supple leather adapted to my foot within an hour or two.  The soft materials utilized in the bootie type construction of the interior created an environment very conducive to going sans socks.  The footbed is firm as is the midsole, yet there is nice flex in the nubs of the outsole.  Overall, the fit is secure, and the flex is on the stiff side.  My only critique is that the tip of the tongue hit my ankle awkwardly.  Too long or too rigid, the design seems a bit off.

Duca del Cosma shoes come in whole U.S. sizes.  I’m typically a 9.5 and went down to 9.  Take a look at their website size guide which presents additional guidelines.


As one would expect, the feel of the shoe paralleled the performance results.  Throughout the golf swing, the La Spezia II was stable with plenty of lateral resistance.  Traction was good for general conditions.  Like any spikeless shoe with rows of same size nubs, I encountered a bit of slippage with some awkward stances.  The flex in the nubs seemed to enhance gription on bare ground and when grass was thin.

The bootie type interior serves two purposes in addition to great skin feel – breathability and waterproofness.  The Arneflex insole of the La Spezia II also includes technical features including breathability and antibacterial properties.   The premium materials Duca del Cosma utilizes in the shoe serve to provide all day comfort and prevent fatigue – and my feet certainly appreciated that.


My first encounter with Duca del Cosma was certainly a positive one.  The La Spezia II is a wonderful blend of classic wingtip uppers and a modern athletic shoe base.  The combination makes the shoes perfectly suited to wearing from the house to the golf course as well as any other stops needed along the way.  And if you’re hesitant to try out Italian golf shoes, find confidence in the fact that they are stocked and shipped from good old Atlanta, Georgia.

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  1. I think wingtip and sneaker are 2 words that don’t go together. I think tonight i will put on a pot of sauce, make some meatballs and thumb through the Footjoy catalogue.

    • Gabriel Ordonez

      I’d like to give an honest review on this Duca shoe. Please give me opportunity to try them. Handicap is 15 really never tried golf shoes as I have mortins neuroma. And I want to see if the shoe is comfortable enough yo wear for 18 holes. I’m 48 years age. Play once a week. Disabled on Liver transplant list.. Dr. Says staying active adds years. Thanks.

  2. David Llewellyn

    These are by far the most comfortable golf shoes I have ever worn. The quality of the leather is second to none. Absolutely fantastic golf shoes.

  3. Gabriel Ordonez

    Size 12.. please give me opportunity to try. I will give and honest opinion.

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