DivnickGolf E-Bike Golf Bag Carrier Review

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The DivnickGolf E-Bike Golf Bag Carrier turns any e-bike into a golf bike.  Very secure.  Fairly easy installation.  Works exactly as advertised.


As soon as the weather started to warm this spring, I started to see E-Bikes all around my town.  Whether for commuting or running errands, they’ve become an increasingly popular mode of transportation.  They can also be a great and speedy way to get around the golf course.  Unfortunately, not every E-Bike is built for golf like the Finn Scooter [review HERE].  To get a standard E-Bike golf-ready, you need a way to carry your bag, and the DivnickGolf E-Bike Golf Bag Carrier is a great option.

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Assembly & Set Up

When I unboxed the DivnickGolf E-Bike Golf Bag Carrier, I found the carrier (right), the optional front mudguard, and all the hardware neatly bundled together.  I carefully unwrapped everything, laid it out a few feet from the bike, and went over the directions.  There is no instruction manual; you need to read the instructions off the website HERE.

Two pieces of advice.  First, read the instructions completely before you get started.  If you understand the overall installation, each step is easier.  Two, read the instructions on a desktop or at least a tablet.  There are some critical details in the photos that are much easier to see on a larger screen.

The DivnickGolf E-Bike Golf Bag Carrier is designed to be used on any E-Bike with a rear rack.  I installed it on my HeyBike Ranger S [review HERE].  There are two installation options: you can drill into the rack or you can use the “under clamp” to make the installation less permanent.  I chose the second option.

If you’re even a little handy and you read the directions, you can have this put together in under thirty minutes.  There is one step where a second set of hands is very useful, but the instructions lay out a “hack” to make it workable even if you’re solo.

Once the rack bracket has been mounted to your bike, the bag carrier slides on and off without the need for tools.  The system is incredibly well-designed – it is unfathomable that the carrier could come off unintentionally.  That said, with intent it’s easy to take the carrier on and off to transform your e-bike from golf course transport to errand runner and back again.

On-Course Performance

I love when a company advertises their product honestly, so it puts a smile on my face to say the following: the DivnickGolf E-Bike Golf Bag Carrier works exactly as advertised.

First, it holds your clubs securely.  The bag carrier has two locking straps (above), similar to what you’d see on a traditional golf cart.  They hold the bag securely around the base and near the handle.  The carrier is also versatile enough to hold anything from a Sunday bag to a large carry bag.  Large cart bags and staff bags should probably be reserved for traditional carts.  Also important, the carrier’s attachment to the bike is rock solid.  Even at 20 MPH, it doesn’t bounce, jiggle, or give any reason for concern.

DivnickGolf E-Bike Golf Bag Carrier kickstand

Second, the DivnickGolf E-Bike Golf Bag Carrier acts as a super-sized, automatic kickstand.  When you step off the bike, the bag and carrier tilt to support the bike (above).  This allows you to park on virtually any terrain without concern.  When you’re ready to ride off again, the carrier automatically stands itself up.

Finally, the E-Bike Golf Bag Carrier allows for a great pace of play.  The moment you step off your bike, you’re looking at your clubs.  Putting them back doesn’t require any extra steps, either.  And the carrier doesn’t block access to your bag’s pockets.  This is a product that was clearly designed by a golfer who understood how to take all the friction out of the golf/e-bike experience.


The DivnickGolf E-Bike Golf Bag Carrier retails for $249 through their website HERE.  If you’re a golfer who owns an e-bike, this is a must-have accessory.  The E-Bike Golf Bag Carrier has turned my Ranger S into my primary mode of transportation to and from the course.  It’s also a great way to get around the course on days that I don’t feel like walking.


The DivnickGolf E-Bike Golf Bag Carrier is one of the best products I’ve tested this year.  It does exactly the job it was designed for, and it does it with aplomb.  If you’re looking for a faster, more enjoyable way to get around the course, attach one of these to the E-Bike of your choice.

Buy the DivnickGolf E-Bike Golf Bag Carrier HERE

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