Oraimo Trcker 100 E-Bike Review

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The Oraimo Trcker 100 E-Bike is an affordable way to get to, from, and around the golf course.  Fat tires can go anywhere.  Long range and ample speed.  Fun to ride, well balanced.

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When I ask guests on the Plugged In Golf Podcast [listen HERE] what they’d change about golf, speeding up pace of play is the most common response.  And while most golfers know that the best solution is people taking responsibility for faster play, single-rider vehicles like the  Finn Scooter [review HERE] are becoming a very popular – and more realistic – alternative.  In this review, I’ll take a look at the affordable Oraimo Trcker 100 e-bike to see how it can help to add some pace to a round of golf.

Assembly & Set Up

Assembling the Oraimo Trcker 100 was a lot easier than putting together the HeyBike Ranger S.  The single biggest reason is the kickstand – it holds the bike straight up and down rather than leaning to one side.  Beyond that, the assembly steps are simpler and fewer in number.  You only need to install the front wheel, the handlebars, and the pedals.  The whole process will take a handy person less than thirty minutes.

Oraimo provides an instruction manual and has assembly videos on their website.  The videos are far superior to the manual, but I found the manual adequate.  That said, I had the advantage of having recently assembled another e-bike, so I would recommend watching the video before you start this project.

Once your Oraimo Trcker 100 is put together, all that’s left to do is charge the batteries.  The Trcker 100 has two batteries, one on the seat post, one under the rear rack.  They need to be charged independently, but the bike can run with only one charged.  Both batteries can be removed for security, and each one comes with their own key.  Finally, each battery has a built-in power indicator, so you can see how much charge each battery has.


Let’s start with some specs on the Oraimo Trcker 100.  Per Oraimo, this e-bike has a range of 45-65 miles in pure electric mode, 70-100 in pedal-assist.  Each of the dual batteries can charge in just three hours, and the top speed is 20 MPH.  It also has an impressive maximum capacity of 550 pounds.

The controls on the Oraimo Trcker 100 e-bike are pared down compared to those on the HeyBike Ranger S [review HERE].  On the left hand side (above), there’s a power button, battery life indicator, and speed control.  On the right hand (below), there’s a twist grip throttle.  There’s no fancy display, but you can see the key information – your “gear” and the battery life – at a glance.

I found the riding experience of the Trcker 100 to be superior to the Ranger S.  First, the batteries are under and behind the seat, which makes the bike balance more naturally.  The Ranger S puts the battery in front of the rider, which, by comparison, feels a little awkward.  Also, the throttle can be feathered where the Ranger S is simply on or off.  This allows you to put the bike in 5th gear, have access to top speed, but go slower when appropriate.  The braking on the Trcker 100 is slightly worse than the Ranger S, but it’s adequate.

Finally, just as with the Ranger S, I used the DivnickGolf E-Bike Golf Bag Carrier [review HERE] to turn this e-bike into a golf bike.  The carrier connected to the rear rack with no trouble, and the fat tires handled all types of terrain easily.  I had no problem getting up and down hills, and the Trcker 100 was very easy on the turf.  The E-Bike Golf Bag Carrier also made the frequent on-and-off quicker because it acts as a kickstand.


The Oraimo Trcker 100 e-bike retails for $999 through Amazon.  You can support Plugged In Golf by buying it with THIS LINK.  For an additional $100, you can add the saddle bags shown above, which are great for running errands.

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Comparing the Trcker 100 to the Ranger S that I reviewed recently, the Oraimo is the superior value.  It doesn’t have the extras like the LCD display or app connectivity, but the ride is better and it’s $600 less.

Oraimo Trcker 100 E-Bike


The Oraimo Trcker 100 e-bike is a great value whether you’re looking for a way to get around the course or your neighborhood.  It’s on the lower end of the price spectrum, but it doesn’t sacrifice when it comes to the key performance elements like range or top speed.  It also comes with a 12-month warranty to keep you riding hassle-free.

Buy the Oraimo Trcker 100 E-Bike HERE

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  1. Don’t see a golf bag on this bike nor could I find on on their site ….,

  2. Matt , Didn’t see any of your clubs on the back. :) Is this Ebike able to get up to 30 mph ? Or low 20’s ? Or do you have to exercise to
    get more speed out of your Ebike /clubs ? =)

  3. Is all 5 gears pedal assistance? And do we turn both batteries on, for when one go out the other one will kick in?.

    • Matt Saternus


      Yes, the 5 “gears” are different levels of pedal assist.
      You don’t need to do anything to “change” batteries; that happens automatically.



  4. Shravan appala

    When I start the power button all the lights 12345 are blinking and after 30sec power is turned down automatically. I have bought 2year warranty and it’s been only a week that I bought this oraimo tracker 100. It’s like for every 45sec I have start power button again and again.

    • I’d get a hold of company I have read they have hood customer service. Also would be good to keep us posted on whats going on with the bike by commenting on here. Good luck & god bless!

  5. Does it have 3 modes: Full electric, Pedal-assist (combo electric and pedal), and zero-electric full pedal?

    • Matt Saternus


      • Thanks. Also, I’m seeing the “nubby”-type tires. Would those tires need to be replaced sith some type of smoother “turf”-saver type of tire to use on golf courses? I imagine the answer to that would be “That would be the decision of the golf-course management”. So, maybe a better question to you would be your personal opinion. Would it be better for a golf course to use smoother “turf”-saver type tires or would these nub-type tires be fine as long as you weren’t driving on a green?

        • Matt Saternus


          In my experience, the nubby tires have not made any negative impacts on grass.



      • Another question: Can you use those saddlebags (pictured in the review) at the same time as you use the Divnick Golf Bag Carrier?

        • Matt Saternus


          I wouldn’t recommend it. At a minimum, it would be a very clumsy fit.



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