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Devereux’s Americana collection looks great on and off course.  Tremendous style.  Quality fit and performance.


Golf apparel usually requires compromises.  High performance fabrics are great, but they aren’t meant to be worn off the course.  Pieces with great style tend to be lacking in performance.  But does that need to be the case?  Devereux believes you shouldn’t have to compromise style to get quality performance.



Since the brand was launched in 2013, their calling card has been “Proper Threads.”  This concept encompasses fit and performance, but it’s mainly about looking good in every circumstance.  A lot of golf apparel companies claim that their apparel is meant for on and off course wear, but most miss the mark.  Devereux does not.  I’ll be wearing their Beckham polo and Ford 5 pocket pants out for dinner at least as much as I wear them to play.

The other thing that I like about Devereux is that they release tight, curated collections.  Rather than putting out ten different polos in twenty different colors each, the Americana Collection has three styles of polo in two or three colors each.  Add to that a couple sweaters, a pullover, a short, and a pant, and that’s it.  This reflects the effort put into every piece, and it allows each item to look good with everything else in the collection.



Devereux aimed for a slightly more generous cut with the polos in their Americana line.  They accomplished this without getting too far from the neat, tailored look they’ve always had.  The sleeves are absolutely perfect, hitting mid-bicep, and the body has some room without being boxy or baggy.

The Ford pants are cut slim relative to other golf apparel companies.  The waist measurement is true-to-size, no vanity sizing here.  Similarly, the glute region and thighs are smaller than you might expect.  These pants are not Euro-skinny, but if you prefer a looser fit, you’ll want to size up.



Devereux is not going to dazzle you with acronyms or high tech-sounding names.  The performance of their apparel is derived from the use of quality materials and being well cut.  Because of the perfect size of the sleeves and body, the Beckham polo has become one of my favorite shirts to swing in.  The Ford pants have proven a great choice for fall golf as they’re a little heavier and warmer.



I’ve followed Devereux since the brand was born.  I was an immediate fan of their unique style, and my appreciation has only grown over the last three years.  They do a great job blending style and performance, and I’m always eager to see what they’re going to do next.

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