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High quality.  More custom options than anyone else in the industry.  Incredible value.  One of the coolest ways to personalize your set up.

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My rants against stock headcovers are numerous, but, for those who haven’t come across one, here are the Cliff Notes: stock headcovers are generally low quality, they look dated after a season or less, and they turn you into an unpaid walking billboard for the OEMs.  I get that they’re free, but so are the three year old golf balls you dig out of the lake; is that a good reason to use them?

“Fine, Matt, give me a better option.”

Ok, I will.  Get custom Puttershoes, Drivershoes, Fairwayshoes, and Hybridshoes from Best Grips.  Here’s why:

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The quality of Best Grips’ Puttershoes starts with the materials: the best leather you can find.  Just like an old favorite leather jacket, these ‘shoes will take whatever you throw at them and reward your loyalty by developing more character over time.

That same high quality is evident in the embroidery and laser engraving as well.  Albert personally works on every ‘shoe to make sure that the design and execution meet the customer’s vision perfectly.

Bottom line: you will wear out the clubs underneath these ‘shoes long before you wear out the ‘shoes themselves.

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Custom Options

Start out by deciding the base material you want for your headcover.  Best Grips has a strong commitment to using genuine leather, but they also offer exotic skins and, when necessary, vinyl.

Next, decide how you want your custom logo displayed: embroidery or laser engraving.  The laser engraving offers an awesome, “never seen that before” look, and it allows you to put photo-quality images on your covers.  Embroidery is a great choice if you want different colors in your logo, but it may limit your choice of material.

Finally, lay out your design.  Whether you have sick Photoshop skills or just doodle on a napkin, Albert can work with you to bring your vision to life.

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Ordering Process

To balance out the countless number of options, Best Grips makes the ordering process easy: go online, order the custom shoe you want, and the rest is handled via email with Albert.  As we’ve said before, there is no one in the industry who cares about his customers more than Albert.  Whether you’re ordering one shoe or dozens, you’ll get the same prompt, professional communication.


So, the quality is outstanding, the options are nearly limitless, and your order will be personally handled by the company’s owner.  I bet you’re thinking, “This is going to be expensive.”  If you are, you’re wrong.  You can get a custom leather ‘shoe with embroidery or laser engraving for $65.  That’s it.  No hidden fees, no set up fees, no minimums; $65 for a one-of-a-kind Puttershoe designed by you.

If you do have a few more dollars burning a hole in your pocket, there are ways to take your Puttershoe to the next level.  Best Grips offers designer leathers and carbon fiber leathers for $75, and exotic skins (ostrich, gator, etc) that range from $75 to $300.

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There really aren’t any excuses left for using lame OEM headcovers.  Best Grips custom Puttershoes will last longer than your clubs, they’ll set you apart on the course, and they’ll give you an opportunity to get to know Albert, one of the best people in the game.  For roughly the cost of 18 holes, this is truly one of the best values in golf.

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  1. I love my best grips driver shoe

  2. I’ve got two of them, and I’ve got over 100 non-OEM covers, and Best Grips are as good as any and better than most, and what’s incredible about them is the price point! I laid my birthday, cancer shoe down with a cover that cost a little over twice as much and the majority of people at the table picked Best Grip’s putter shoe.

    They’re extremely well made and the owner has a hand in every single shoe that leaves his company, and they’re made in the USA-

    No third world bullsh!t here!!

    And the best part is from the inititial order to it landing on your door step, ya deal with the owner- if you gotta problem, same thing- He’ll fix it-

    Look at your bag-

    Seriously, look at it-

    How many products in it would the above statements apply too?

    Nuff said-

    Happy Holidays Guys & Gals

    Fairways & Greens My Friends,

  3. RP Jacobs II

    BTW, that putter shoe is really sweet!!

    Great Job Zach!!

    Fairways & Greens My Friends

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