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Club Catcher is a simple device that keeps you from leaving your clubs behind on the green.

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Every golfer I know has been there: you bring a wedge and a putter to the green and walk away with just a putter.  Or maybe you hole out the chip and leave the putter behind.  Either way, you’re a club light and it may be a hole or two before you realize it.  Now you’re driving like Jeff Gordon trying to track down the lost club before ripping a 180 to get back to the hole you’re supposed to be playing.

Club Catcher is a simple tool designed to keep that from happening.  Let’s find out whether you should be adding it to your kit.

Set Up & Ease of Use

Setting up Club Catcher is quite simple.  First, screw the Club Catcher sensor into the grips of the clubs you want to track.  Next, download and open the app (iOS and Android compatible).  In the app, you’ll register each club/sensor.  This step only takes a few seconds per club.

When you go to the course, open up the Club Catcher app.  It will automatically alert you if you get too far from a club that’s out of the bag.  


To start, it’s worth understanding a bit about how Club Catcher works.  The first thing the sensor knows is whether the club is in or out of your bag.  If the club is out of your bag, and you get roughly 35 feet from it, a ten second countdown starts.  When that hits zero, your phone chimes to let you know that a club has been left behind.

In my testing, Club Catcher always alerted me when I got too far from my clubs.  It did exactly what it purports to do.

For those concerned about swing weight, the Club Catcher sensor weighs approximately eight grams.


Club Catcher is sold as either a four pack or a single.  One Club Catcher tag costs $25, a four pack retails for $79.  The app is free, and there is no annual fee.  Buy Club Catcher HERE

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Ultimately, the value of Club Catcher comes down to how often you leave a club behind.  If you’re the OCD type like yours truly, Club Catcher probably isn’t necessary.  However, if you often find yourself lost in thought or conversation, Club Catcher will quickly pay for itself in clubs saved and rounds unspoiled by frantic searches.


Club Catcher is a clever device that does exactly what it promises to do: it keeps you from leaving your clubs behind.  If this is a regular problem for you, or if you’d like to prevent the issue before it happens, add Club Catcher sensors to your short game tools.

Visit Club Catcher HERE

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  1. Erik Ferner

    With 4 of them, I’d put these on my 7, PW, 54 and 60 wedges. Anything that you put down on the fringe off the green when putting. There is at least one person in the group who forgets a club on at least one green per round. These are a great idea!

  2. Biggest issue I see is if you’re using any type of club data tag like Arccos or GolfPad GPS TAGS, it’s an either-or proposition here. You can’t have both tags on your clubs.

  3. Jordy Evans

    Looks like Arccos has repurposed their 1st generation sensor to work as a quasi geo tag for the purposes of club loss prevention. Smart. I hope they add this feature to the Arccos Caddie app.

    • Jesse Koenig

      Hi Jordy, this is Jesse from Club Catcher. Arccos is a cool product for a different purpose. We have no connection with them, and designed our product from scratch.

  4. Awesome idea I need this every round

  5. Jesse Koenig

    Hey this is Jesse from Club Catcher, thanks for the review!

    What’s reviewed here is a specific mode of our app called Pocket Mode, which was mainly designed for use if you only have 1 Club Catcher unit available. It requires you to keep your phone in your pocket at all times.

    Standard Mode is more sophisticated and flexible, and is what we recommend for our customers as long as they have 2 or more units. With Standard Mode, your phone can be anywhere – in your pocket, in your bag, or in your cart. It is not based on distance from the phone. Instead the app monitors clubs going in and out of your bag, to understand what you are doing, when you are selecting clubs or changing your mind, finished using them, and leaving any behind. For example if you come back to your bag and return your putter but not your wedge, it gives you a few seconds to return your wedge, and if you don’t it gives you an alarm (on phone plus smart watch / golf watch) *before* you go to the next hole without it.

    Please don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions. We love talking with customers.

  6. Does the CC app have mapping to show you the location of the club? My concern is if I don’t get the notification and drive to next hole.


    • Matt Saternus


      I don’t believe so. It’s a simple “Yes/No” to the question of “Is it in the bag?”


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