Cleveland HALO XL Hybrid Review

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The Cleveland HALO XL Hybrid is a big, forgiving hybrid with surprising versatility.  Strong distance.  GlideRail sole helps it deal with all types of lies.


If you’ve read my reviews of the other HALO XL clubs, you’ve no doubt noticed a theme.  These are some of the most reliable, easy to hit, consistent long game clubs available.  But for as good as the Hy-Wood and fairway wood are, the Cleveland HALO XL hybrid is my favorite.  Read on to find out why.


The Cleveland HALO XL hybrid earns its name with a larger than average footprint.  It has a symmetrical, oval shape, and a gloss black crown with a subtle sparkle to the finish.  At address, the most standout feature is the HiBore Crown Step just behind the silver alignment aid.

Cleveland highlights their GlideRails with a silver finish on each rail.  The rest of the sole is dark grey, making the white paintfill for “Cleveland” and “HALO XL” pop. This classic black/white/silver color scheme carries over to the headcover, too.

Sound & Feel

On center, the Cleveland HALO XL hybrid produces a snappy, mid-volume sound that blends speed and power.  The sound gets higher pitched and more metallic – a fairway wood “tink” – when you get off center.  This provides clear, almost binary feedback about whether or not you hit the ball well.

Through the hands, the sensation blends solid and quick just like the sound does.  Also like the sound, it gives you good feedback, which is surprising for a larger-than-average club.  If you’re paying attention, you can easily determine where on the face you struck the ball.


In my reviews of the HALO XL fairway wood [find it HERE] and Hy-Wood, I hammered one theme: consistency.  For players seeking more predictability in their long game – and that’s almost all of us – you can hardly do better.  The Cleveland HALO XL hybrid is no different, but it adds something more.

But let’s start with the reliability.  Thanks to the XL Head Design, MainFrame XL, and Rebound Frame, the HALO XL hybrid keeps the ball speed high regardless of where on the face you strike it.  It also delivers tremendous stability, even when you’re peppering the edges of the face.  All that means your worst shots are going to look a lot more like your best shots.

Another key to the consistency of the HALO XL hybrid is the GlideRail sole.  These big, pronounced rails help the club slide through the turf rather than getting tangled in rough.  They also provide insurance against fat shots like bounce on a wedge.

For me, what elevates the HALO XL hybrid is that its top end is a bit higher than its brothers.  I found it easier to work both ways – there was less draw bias than in the FW or Hy-Wood.  Additionally, it has average spin, so it has more distance potential.  Comparing it to the HALO XL Hy-Wood [review HERE], the hybrid launches higher on stock shots, but I was able to flight it down more easily.  Some of that may be related to my preference for hybrids, but I do think some of that is inherent to the club.


All of the Cleveland HALO XL woods are consistent and easy to hit.  That gives them all wide appeal, but the HALO XL hybrid also ropes in the high end player with its versatility.  This is a club that really doesn’t sacrifice much of anything, offering very solid distance and shot control along with forgiveness.

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  1. I really think Cleveland did an awesome job with their whole lineup this year. I hit this one yesterday and like Matt writes, it went high and strait!

    Matt, did you test with the stock shaft and how did it compare for you with the lighter hy-wood shaft?

    • Matt Saternus


      Yes, I tested with the stock shaft.
      At the risk of sounding like every internet golfer, both shafts are lighter and softer than what I would prefer, so I didn’t note a huge difference. In both cases, I had to make some modifications to get the best out of them.



  2. This hybrid sounds really appealing. The price is also more reasonable than many other new hybrids. I’d prefer a heavier shaft option, but I say that about every club and think the Tensei Blue has at least a bit of heft. Great review!

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