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By: Dylan Thaemert

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Backyard game or training aid?  With Chippo, it just depends on your company and your mood.


I assume we’re all familiar with the yard game known as “bags” or “cornhole.”  Chippo is that game redesigned for the golf-obsessed. But it’s not just a way to pass the time outside while enjoying a few pops with friends and family.  It also has the ability to help you practice and improve your chipping.

Set Up & Ease of Use

Chippo could not be easier to set up.  Simply unfold the metal bar on the back of each Chippo board, put the mats down about 15 feet apart and away you go.  Putting it away is just as simple. 

One feature I really appreciate is that there is a corner on the back of each board for the hitting mat with plastic clips to keep it securely in place.


In my mind, Chippo has two functions and succeeds at both.  Its primary function is that of a fun game best suited for four players.  Unlike bags, you need to have some semblance of proficiency at golf in order to truly enjoy a game of Chippo.  For a group of four or more golfers, it’s a ton of fun.

If you don’t have friends around, Chippo functions nicely as a training aid.  By just setting up one of the boards, you can practice your chipping by manipulating loft and ball position to chip the ball into the three different holes.  Maybe the best part is that the six soft yellow balls that come with it mean you can chip in the house without any fear of damaging furniture, children, etc.  Winter practice, here I come!


Chippo is light enough to haul in and out of the car or garage with ease, but not so flimsy as to raise concerns about its durability.  It is made of heavy plastic and feels like it is going to be something that will retain its functionality for many years to come


Chippo is available through its online store for $189.95.  That’s not cheap, but with its indoor and outdoor usability, it represents a decent value.


Chippo is fun.  As a training aid, it’s not going to revolutionize your short game, but it can help you keep your chipping stroke in rhythm during the off-season and help you work on launch angle and landing spots during the year.  As a backyard game for golfers, it’s a great way to have fun without going to the course.

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