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Carpe is a lotion that keeps your hands and feet from sweating.  Extremely effective.


In Chicago, we typically get one or two weeks of consistent, pleasant spring weather before we dive into three months of heat and humidity.  That means most of our season is spent dripping sweat.

If sweaty palms are keeping you from maintaining a solid grip on your clubs, you need to check out Carpe.

Does It Work?

Using Carpe is simple: put a pea-sized drop on your palms and rub it in.  That’s it.  And believe what they say about a pea-sized drop – if you use more than that, your hands will feel like sandpaper.

I first tested Carpe before heading out to the range.  I used a small drop before I left the house without any clear expectations about what would happen.  At first I didn’t notice anything, but before I finished my five minute drive, my hands felt noticeably dry.

When I got to the range, I gave myself more time than usual to warm up.  I was trying to get a good sweat rolling to really put Carpe to the test.  Halfway through the bucket of balls, I had achieved my goal – my shirt was soaked.  My hands, however, were bone dry.  It was like they belonged to someone else; my hands were dry, the rest of me was dripping.  It stayed like that for the rest of the session.

When I got home, it took a couple washing to get my hands back to feeling normal.  The sensation of water and Carpe on my hands was strange, but I was able to clean it off quickly.  Within thirty minutes of being home, my hands felt like my own again.


Whether you struggle with sweaty palms, drippy feet, or both, Carpe has you covered.  This lotion is insanely effective without being irritating or smelly.

Matt Saternus


  1. I’m not sure why I’ve never thought about this during the summer. I’ve always used a rossin bag for tennis, but this makes so much sense. Appreciate the review and will be looking to try some soon.

  2. #SecretGiveaway
    Great idea, never thought about antiperspirant for my hands: Imhad to go back to using a glove this season, as the humidity was off the charts, this may be a better solution. Thanks.

  3. Awesome post.

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