Callaway X2 Hot 3Deep Fairway Wood Review

Callaway X2 Hot 3Deep (12)

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Very hot, very long.  Slightly taller face than last year’s model and lower spin, too.  A real weapon for players looking for a driver alternative.


If imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, the folks at Callaway should be feeling pretty good about themselves.  Last year, they dropped the original X Hot 3Deep and it was such a sensation that its successors, the X2 Hot 2Deep, 3Deep, and 5Deep face a raft of competitors in the “fairway driver” market. Is the original still the best or has it been surpassed by one of the new competitors?  That’s the question we answer in this review. Callaway X2 Hot 3Deep (13)


The Callaway X2 Hot 3Deep is a larger, but not super-sized 3 wood.  It’s well designed, slightly pear shaped, which gives it a refined look even though it is bigger than average.  The clean, matte grey crown adds to its appeal. The main change from last year is that the face is slightly deeper.  Callaway says that this is based on Tour feedback, but it’s a look that will appeal to anyone who is going to use this primarily from the tee. Callaway X2 Hot 3Deep (8)

Sound & Feel

The sound of the X2 Hot 3Deep is among my favorites from any fairway wood this year.  It’s fairly quiet with a slightly bass-y tone to it.  There’s just a hint of metallic “tink”/”crack” which lends a bit of that, “Yeah, that ball is out of here” feeling to impact.  Overall, hitting the X2 Hot 3Deep is very satisfying.

The Deep Series is more closely aligned with the X2 Hot Pro fairway woods, so the feedback is quite clear.  You will have no problem knowing exactly where on the face you struck the ball.

3Deep LM Data


Based on my experience with the original X Hot 3Deep, I expected the X2 Hot 3Deep  to produce some strong numbers on the launch monitor, and it did.  The primary thing that I noticed was that Callaway has really boosted the forgiveness on this new version of the 3Deep.  While I won’t say that you can hit it anywhere on the face, if you keep it reasonably close to the center, you can expect near-perfect ball speed and long distance.

Another thing that sets the Deep series apart from other fairway drivers is the ability to hit it off the turf.  I have said repeatedly that I’m not the best fairway wood player by any stretch, but I was still able to elevate the 3Deep off the turf easily.  Additionally, all the clubs in this series have the modern Warbird Sole which helps the club glide easily through the turf.

Finally, I want to touch on the fact that the Deep family has expanded from 1 club to 3.  This year, golfer’s will be able to choose from the 2Deep, 3Deep, and 5Deep.  This is a boon for golfers in terms of fitting and for choosing a club for exactly the purposes that you want.  For instance, the 3Deep could easily replace my driver, but it’s not a good complement to it.  Instead, I might bag the 5Deep to hit a different distance off the tee and for more ease in hitting shots off the fairway.  High spin players may go with the 2Deep to maximize their distance and have a true driver replacement.  No matter what your preference, more choice is a very good thing.

Callaway X2 Hot 3Deep (9)


Though there are more choices for “fairway drivers” this year, I have yet to test one that is better than the X2 Hot 3Deep.  Callaway has made it look even more confidence-inspiring at address while also dialing up the forgiveness.  Add to that the new options (2Deep and 5Deep) and you can see that Callaway has the best, most complete line up of fairway woods in golf.

Price and Specs

The Callaway X2 Hot Deep Fairway Woods retail for There are 3 models available: 2Deep (12.5°), 3Deep (14.5°), and 5Deep (18.5°). The stock shaft is the Aldila Tour Green.

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  1. What would be better for an average golfer for contact and distance. x2 hot 3 or x2 hot deep 3

    • Matt Saternus


      That will depend on the golfer. Some will be better with the standard, some with the Deep. Fitting is everything.



  2. The 5 deep is an absolute Godsend on narrow fairway courses here in northeast. It has the versatility of a 16degree hybrid with more shot shaping benefits!

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