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The Callaway Weather Spann golf glove is durable, soft, and breathable.  Best of all, it’s affordable at just $13.


With the increasing cost of clubs and green fees, most golfers are looking for a place to save a couple bucks.  Callaway is helping out with their new Weather Spann gloves.  Despite a price that’s at the very low end of the market, the Weather Spann has strong durability and performance.

Callaway Weather Spann Golf Glove


The Callaway Weather Spann golf glove has a clean, classic look with a splash of something different.  The palm of the glove is entirely white, primarily perforated synthetic leather with genuine leather on the thumb and heel of the hand.  Turning the glove over, there’s a black chevron on the Velcro closure.  That shape is nearly mirrored in the black ventilated area across the knuckles and ring and pinkie fingers.


Pulling on the Callaway Weather Spann golf glove, the first thing I noticed was the fit.  It felt like a second skin.  One of the reasons I don’t typically wear a glove is because I can’t abide sagging or loose material, but there was none of that with the Weather Spann.

Moving on to the material, it was soft, pliable, and very pleasant to wear.  Is it the same sensation as an all-Cabretta leather glove?  No, but it’s as close as I’ve experienced from a synthetic leather.

Finally, the Weather Spann gets a big thumbs up for breathability.  I wore this glove through numerous long testing sessions and never had the desire to take it off.


Golf gloves are consumables, but that doesn’t mean that we want them to wear out quickly.  What has impressed me most about the Callaway Weather Spann glove is its durability.  After hundreds of shots, my glove doesn’t look much different than it did out of the box.  More importantly, there hasn’t been a degradation in feel or performance.

The driver of this durability is FUSETECH – the name that Callaway has given to the synthetic leather that makes up the majority of the Weather Spann glove.  The name comes from the fusing of synthetic leather and polyurethane, a process exclusive to Callaway.  Most other gloves use a lamination process where synthetic leather and polyurethane are layered on each other.  This leads to the cracking that all golfers are familiar with.  In my testing, the Weather Spann gloves are more resistant to this breakdown.

Of course, durability is irrelevant if a glove doesn’t provide a strong grip, but the Weather Spann has no problems there.  The strategically placed leather in the thumb and palm gave me a strong connection to the club without any slippage.  It also managed moisture well, keeping the club secure even when I was sweating.

Finally, one of the best things about the Callaway Weather Spann glove is the wide range of available sizes.  Callaway covers the entire gamut here: S, M, ML, L, and XL in Men’s Right, Men’s Left, Men’s Cadet Right, Men’s Cadet Left, Women’s Right, and Women’s Left.  No one is left out.


If the early returns are any indication, the Callaway Weather Spann glove is becoming a staple for golfers as Callaway has grabbed a record share of the glove market.  It’s not hard to see why.  Despite being the most affordable glove in their line, the Weather Spann has the feel golfer’s want with excellent longevity.

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  1. Matt, your review is spot on! I’ve been wearing either the UA Strikeskin Tour (discontinued) or the Callaway Tour Authentic glove the last few years. I developed Dupuytren’s contracture on my ring finger that I plan to address over the winter. But now it’s difficult to get the full cabretta gloves on. I tried the Weather Spann and it has become my glove of choice at the moment. It’s very flexible, fits nicely and provides plenty of grip and good feel.

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