Callaway Steelhead XR Hybrid Review


50 Words or Less

The Callaway Steelhead hybrid produces some of the most consistent, predictable shots I’ve ever seen.  Plenty long.  Big.


Golf is a game of traditions, a game that loves its own history.  It’s no surprise, then, to see companies attach some of their best names of the past to new models.  The new Callaway Steelhead XR hybrid is worthy of the honor as it’s one of the easiest-to-hit hybrids we’ve ever tested.



My first reaction when seeing the Callaway Steelhead hybrid was, “Wow, that’s big.”  A second look, however, revealed a number of excellent design elements that make the club look (and perform) better than expected.  Specifically, the toe of the club is very tall and the head has a significant pear shape to it.  It’s rare to see either of these things on a hybrid of this size, and they do a great job in making the club appear more “player-ish” than it otherwise would.


Sound & Feel

Given its size, I was expecting the Callaway Steelhead XR hybrid to be on the loud side, but the sound is actually very middle of the road.  There’s a crisp, metallic crack at impact that’s of medium volume.

When you catch the ball on the center of the face, it feels absolutely launched. Moving off the sweet spot dulls the sound and the “hotness” of the feel, providing good feedback.



My testing with the Callaway Steelhead XR hybrid started in an indoor setting on a launch monitor.  I hit twenty shots, observing the sound and feel without looking at the screen to evaluate the results.  Having hit a wide range of shots – pure, toe, heel, thin, fat – I expected the shot chart to look like a Jackson Pollock painting.  Instead, I saw every shot within a 10 yard window left-to-right and 15 yards short-to-long.  Said another way, these shots would have been on the green whether they were pure or mishit.

That consistency extended to the course and the range.  Good swings produced very straight shots that were long enough.  Bad swings stayed in play and still went long enough.



Do you like knowing exactly where your long shots are going to end up?  If so, you’ll like the Callaway Steelhead hybrid.  This club simply produces near-identical shots over and over and over.

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Callaway Steelhead XR Hybrid Price and Specs


Matt Saternus


  1. peter feinman

    Totally agree with you…hits far better than it looks !! Now, I’d love to see a review of XXIO Driver and Hybrids.


  3. Steelhead 3 & 4 are my go to clubs. Hit the 3-200 yd and the 4-185 yd. Easy to hit forgiving and absolutely love the ball flight. Awesome hybrid.

  4. Just received the 4 and 5. Hit them for the first time at an indoor range and Holy Cow…the ball flies and on miss hits you are not far off your original target. Love these clubs!!!

  5. After working out the best ball placing to hit these hybrids, the flight, with a slight fade, no draws is great, no fear of over hitting it, under hits are still going a long way

  6. Roger urban

    Am looking to get a Callaway Steelhear XR hybrid 4 wood. Already have the 3 & 5 wood.

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