Callaway Rogue ST LS Fairway Wood Review

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The Callaway Rogue ST LS fairway wood is loaded with ball speed potential.  Solid off the tee and the turf.  Strong forgiveness for a lower spinning head.


My recent review of the Callaway Rogue ST MAX fairway wood [find it HERE], revealed that it has good reason to call itself Callaway’s “fastest fairway wood ever.”  For players that want to take advantage of that speed but also need less spin, there’s the Rogue ST LS fairway wood.


The Callaway Rogue ST LS fairway wood is the most compact FW in the line.  While it’s clearly smaller than the Rogue ST MAX, the difference is not night and day.  I found the shorter front-to-back length most noticeable.  This club also sports a taller face than its brothers, making it a more appealing option off the tee.  Finally, the LS sits square at address where the other two Rogue ST FWs sit somewhat closed.

Beyond the differences in shape and size, the Rogue ST LS is identical to the other fairway woods.  They all share the matte black/carbon fiber crown.  All three have a white chevron alignment aid and some thin design elements at the rear of the crown.

Flipping the club over, your eyes will be drawn first to the gold Tungsten Speed Cartridge.  Those with an eye for detail will notice that the LS model also has a round, removable weight just behind that.  This differentiates the LS from the other two Rogue ST fairway woods.

Sound & Feel

I described the sound of the Rogue ST MAX fairway wood as a “muted whip crack.”  The Rogue ST LS fairway wood is similar but even more muted.  It’s slightly quieter – though the difference is minimal- and the sound has a little less pop to it.  All of this is in line with what I expect from a “Tour” style club.

The feel of impact is more solid than fast – though, as I’ll discuss, this head doesn’t lack for speed.  I found that the muted sound made audio feedback fairly minimal.  However, I was able to feel the impact location precisely without much effort.


As I’ve written many times before, no one will ever confuse me for Henrik Stenson with a 3W in hand.  Hitting consistent FW shots has never been my strong suit, so I had some trepidation about how the Rogue ST LS would work for me.  It turned out to be a much better fit than I expected.

Looking at the Rogue ST LS FW at address, I had mixed feelings.  The face is a bit taller than the MAX, which is typically not helpful for shots off the deck.  However, I loved the smaller head and square face.  Those two factors were clearly more important than the taller face because I made very nice contact and elevated the ball quite easily.  The “neutral” bias of the Rogue ST LS also worked in my favor, keeping shots right on line.

One thing that was consistent between the LS and MAX fairway woods was the exceptional ball speed.  Both are flamethrowers when you hit them on center.  The LS does give up a little bit more speed on mishits but not much.  If you prefer a smaller head or hitting a fade, don’t be afraid to give this a try.

All three Rogue ST fairway woods were tested in one session, so you are welcome to compare the launch monitor numbers.  You may note that the LS launched higher and spun more than the MAX.  This is a result of the LS flying straight as opposed to the draws and pulls produced by the MAX.  The LS is a lower launching, lower spinning head, but that’s confounded by the difference in face angle and flight bias.

Comparing the Rogue ST LS fairway wood to the other models in the line, it has the most compact footprint and the tallest face.  All three share the Jailbreak ST technology and AI Designed Flash Face.  The LS model is, of course, the lowest spinning and the lowest launching.  It’s also the only model with an external weight and the only one without a draw bias.  Callaway rates the forgiveness of the LS as “High” compared to “Highest” in the Rogue ST MAX and Rogue ST MAX D [review HERE] fairway woods.


The Callaway Rogue ST LS fairway wood is a versatile long game tool with ball speed and distance to burn.  For a compact FW, it packs a surprising amount of forgiveness.  If you need a driver alternative that can also get you to par 5s in two, check this out.

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Callaway Rogue ST LS Fairway Wood Price & Specs

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  1. I have been looking for a 5-wood for years and finally found it with Els it is incredible high low left right even stingers highly recommend this club and very much enjoyed your review

  2. mooc bồn

    This is really a very good article that I really like and will definitely share it widely with my friends, wish you all good health and make more articles in the future. thank

  3. Richard Maxwell

    Wainuiomata Golf club is exposed to Northerly and Southerly winds some days the winds can be very strong a good fairway wood would be ideal can you send more details on various clubs

  4. Unlike many of the exotic items you’ve told us about at Plugged In Golf, I’ve actually tried this club. Agree with you that it’s easy to launch off the deck, despite a face that would make you think the opposite. I’m still a beginner—and the more traditionally-shaped G425 Max 3W in a later session, didn’t work for me at all—but the ST LS was absurdly easy for me to hit high, fast (~150 outdoors ball speed per Trackman), and straight. Too high, really, even with a Velocore Ventus Black 7x, but as I said, I’m a beginner. And just a tad flippy.

    I’m in the market for a 3W, and the Rogue ST LS is on a very short list to buy. Especially with the Black shaft. Not inexpensive though.

    • Look at Callaway preowned site. They have exactly what you want and at a discount. Mine was 400 to my door with the black shaft and I swear it was never used from the looks of it.

  5. Comparing this club to the original rogue sub-zero fairway, clubhead and ball speed within a mph of eachother but the original rogue actually carried 20 yards further and had tighter dispersion, so apart from the difference in look there really is no benefit to upgrading is there? I have the original rogue sub-zero 5 wood that flies like a rocket with great distance.

    • Matt Saternus


      Are you talking about our review of the Rogue Sub Zero or your personal fitting?
      Either way, the reason we always push the importance of fitting is that there’s no reason to buy clubs if there’s not a benefit for you. Sometimes newer is better, sometimes it’s not. It’s all about the fit.


      • Hi Matt,

        Thanks for responding. I am talking about the comparison from your site between the two. It seems the orignal rogue subzero fairway out performs this one. Of course I need to test this myself in a fitting, will be interesting to see my outcome!


        • Matt Saternus


          The numbers from one review should never be compared apples to apples to another. That said, I think the two are similar, so it will come down to fit for the individual.



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