Callaway Golf Fall 2015 Golf Apparel Review

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50 Words or Less

Callaway Golf apparel offers a wide-ranging line of products to wear on and off the course.  Great materials, clean looks, and style options for every player.


While there are certainly exceptions, most men don’t like to spend too much time and energy on their apparel.  For them, they’d like to find a company that can provide everything they need on and off the course.  Of course, having lots of clothes in your collection isn’t terribly meaningful if the apparel isn’t first rate.  By partnering with apparel giant Perry Ellis, Callaway brings golfers a comprehensive selection of clothing that’s top shelf.

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Style & Fit

One way in which Callaway Golf apparel shows their range is in style.  From their Standards Collection of basics to their bolder, trendier polos, they have everyone covered.  What’s consistent throughout the line is a clean, refined look.  Take the shorts and pants, for example: the backside has an embroidered chevron logo and pockets that are only visible as thin horizontal slits.  There isn’t any unnecessary stitching or seams, just a clean silhouette.  Similarly, the shirts all have high quality embroidered logos on the chest and sleeve, but they’re reasonably sized and classy.  And I’ve got to give special props to that red shirt…for some reason it just makes me want to do this.

With regard to fit, Callaway hits it right down the middle.  The shirts aren’t oversized, but they’re not slim cut either.  I opted for a medium and am very pleased with the fit.  One thing they really nailed is the sleeve length: they sit well above the elbow but they’re not micro-sleeves either.  The shorts and pants are among the best I’ve found.  They provide enough room to move, but they still have some shape and style to them.

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A quick glance at Callaway Golf apparel might lead you to think, “Ok, Callaway put their name on some Perry Ellis clothes, big deal,” but a closer look reveals impressive details that define these pieces as high performance golf wear.  Let’s start with the pants and shorts.  Generally, pants are pants, but the little things make a difference like the sticky rubber waistband that helps to keep your shirt tucked in.  It won’t change you from a hack to scratch, but it does eliminate a major golf apparel nuisance.

When it comes to golf shirts, Callaway offers a shirt for any condition.  Playing in the blistering heat?  Go for the Opti-Dri (moisture wicking) or Opti-Shield (sun protection).  There are also shirts made with the amazing Outlast material which can help keep you cool.  If you stink (literally) in any temperature, there’s Opti-Genic antimicrobial shirts that might keep your partners from kicking you out of the group.  Comfort isn’t overlooked either – the Opti-Soft Performance Cotton shirts are among the softest, best-feeling shirts I’ve ever worn.

Finally, Callaway can help you battle the elements with their Weather Series.  From base layers to wind shirts to sweaters, you can find something for just about every situation here, and, again, they’re loaded with smart features.  The sleeve of the black pullover alone has three features I love: a stretch panel in the elbow to allow movement and a velcro cuff partnered with a strong elastic wrist cuff to eliminate sleeve slippage.  Finally, I have to mention my favorite piece from the Fall 2015 line, the white pullover below, which is so soft, warm, and comfortable that I’m going to be wearing it every day this winter.

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Whether you’re looking for great golf shirts, outerwear, or athletic wear, Callaway Golf apparel has you covered.  Not only is their gear well made, you’ll find great value as well.

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