Callaway Epic Max Fairway Wood Review

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The Callaway Epic Max fairway wood is the larger, more forgiving fairway wood from Callaway for 2021.  Mid launch and spin.  Very large footprint.


The counterpart to the Epic Speed fairway wood is the Callaway Epic Max.  Just as in the drivers, the Epic Max is designed to offer players as much forgiveness as possible with higher launch and spin.  I tested one to see which FW golfers should consider putting in the bag.

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Where the Epic Speed fairway wood [review HERE] has a more traditional shape and size at address, the Epic Max FW is big.  Much like the driver, the fairway wood is bigger on the heel side which, to my eye, makes it appear even larger than it is.  This large footprint is paired with a fairly shallow face that sits shut at address.

In the bag, there’s only one key difference between the two Epic fairway woods.  The Epic Speed has just one weight in the sole; the Epic Max has two.  One weight sits near the face, just like in the Epic Speed.  The additional weight port is near the rear of the club.

Sound & Feel

The Epic Max fairway wood announces impact with a loud, high pitched, metallic sound.  Think of the traditional fairway wood sound on steroids.

Despite being a larger, more forgiving head, the Epic Max FW provides very good feedback through the hands.  The sound of impact changes noticeably on big misses but is otherwise fairly consistent.


For good and ill, my testing with the Callaway Epic Max fairway wood mirrored my experience with the Epic Max driver [review HERE].  In both cases I struggled, which provided an excellent showcase for just how forgiving these clubs can be.

Like the Epic Max driver, the Epic Max FW is, in Callaway’s words “oversized.”  For someone who barely gets along with compact fairway woods, this was not helpful.  What was helpful, however, was the high level of forgiveness and the higher launch characteristics of the Epic Max.  Even when I was thinning shots, the ball speed was very reasonable and shots were launching on decent trajectories.  When I did make good contact, the launch was mid-high with slightly above average spin.  Launch and spin are adjustable via the two weight ports – moving the heavier weight forward should lower launch and spin.

The Epic Max fairway wood is offered in a wider array of lofts than the Epic Speed.  Both have the 3+, 3, 5, and 7 woods.  The Epic Max adds the Heavenwood (20 degrees on a slightly longer shaft), 9 wood, and 11 wood.  For the player that doesn’t like hybrids, this allows a transition from woods straight to the 5 or 6 iron, depending on your set’s lofts.


For the player that finds comfort and confidence in a larger club head with maximum forgiveness, the Callaway Epic Max fairway wood is going to be an excellent choice.  The shallow face makes it easy to launch the ball high off the turf, and Callaway’s impressive technologies ensure that you don’t need to strike it perfectly to get a good result.

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