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Unlike other sites, we’re going to keep this short and sweet: Callaway Golf unveiled the newest Big Bertha drivers today and it’s a big deal.  Why?  Because the Big Bertha Alpha brings to market the first significant innovation in driver technology in years.  Now, I’m sure Callaway and everyone else will argue that all their products are significant, but this is really significant.  Game changing significant.


Gravity Core

Callaway is referring to this technology as Gravity Core.  It allows the golfer to adjust the center of gravity vertically.  Why does this matter?  Because it can have a significant effect on spin rates without changing anything else such as face angle or loft.  This is a legitimate game changer in terms of fitting.  Let me say it again: game changer.  For real.

The Specs

There will be two Big Bertha drivers: Big Bertha ($399) and Big Bertha Alpha ($499).

The Gravity Core will be available only on the Alpha.

They will both offers ways to adjust the COG to affect shot shape (a sliding weight in the Big Bertha, two movable weights in the Alpha).  They will both also have the Advanced Optifit hosel that allows for independent loft/face angle and lie angle adjustments.  That’s a LOT of adjustability.

The Alpha will be offered in 9.0 and 10.5; the Big Bertha will come in 13.5 as well.

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