Callaway Big Bertha Irons Review

Callaway Big Bertha Irons (16)

50 Words or Less

The Callaway Big Bertha Irons use fairway wood technology to make them “up to 2 clubs longer.”  Ridiculously forgiving.  Very big irons with lots of offset.


When you’re the newest member of a family that lives up the hashtag #BerthaLong, you better be packing some pop.  The new Big Bertha irons from Callaway do just that.  These super game improvement clubs have loads of ball speed and forgiveness, the two things golfers simply can never get enough of.

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You don’t need to be a golf club expert to see that the Big Bertha Irons are built to inspire confidence in the high handicap golfer.  The top line is thick as is the sole, and there’s a lot of offset all through the set.  There is a progression throughout the set – the soles get thinner and the clubs get smaller as the loft goes up – but even the gap wedge is substantially offset and thick.

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Sound & Feel

Perhaps the most surprising thing about these irons is the feel. Many of the distance irons that we’ve tested lately feel very hard, but the Big Bertha Irons have a really pleasant soft feel that belies the ball speed that they create.  Big kudos to Callaway for finding a way to deliver this performance without making the club face feel like a rock.

As with most forgiving, uber-stable irons, the feedback from these irons is fairly minimal.  Shots hits anywhere near the center of the face feel good and solid, which is a great way to boost the confidence of the high handicapper.

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So, are the new Big Bertha Irons actually two clubs longer?  Depending on your current set, yes.  The ball speeds and distance that these irons produce is at the very top end of anything I’ve ever seen from an iron.

While distance is great, it’s not the most impressive thing about this iron.  It’s actually not even in the top two.  The most impressive thing is the forgiveness.  The Big Bertha Irons are in the top two for most stable, most forgiving irons that I’ve ever hit.  From toe to heel to thin, the ball speed stays high and the ball stays fairly true to its target.

The other impressive aspect of this iron’s performance is the height of the ball flight.  With so many strong-lofted distance irons, the ball flight is so flat that it won’t hold a green.  With the Big Bertha irons, the distance comes with a high, soft-landing ball flight.

Finally, it should be mentioned that there are many ways to configure your set of Big Bertha irons.  Callaway offers the irons in combination with the Big Bertha hybrids all the way through the 5 iron, if you prefer.  We’ll be reviewing the Big Bertha hybrids next week, but here’s a sneak preview: they’re a lot like these irons – long and forgiving.

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If you want a little more help on your approach shots, or if you simply want to hit your irons a ridiculously long way, Callaway’s new Big Bertha Irons are for you.  Put away your ego, stop whining about offset and top lines, and just enjoy the long walks with your putter in your hand.

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Matt Saternus


  1. I hit these clubs and liked the added distance. I am a 10 handicap, do you think this a good iron for me?

    • Matt Saternus


      If you hit them and you liked them, then you should play them. We always say that our opinion counts for nothing compared to you getting the club in your hand and testing it.



  2. Joe lombardi

    Hi Matt
    Great site, Which set of irons do you like for a mid 80s player? Callaway Big Bertha or G30s, there is approx $500 difference… Also I’m 60, is graphite a no decision? I’m not that long, 7 iron 140-150 with steel..
    Thank you

    • Matt Saternus


      The answer is always: the one that gets better results in the fitting. I don’t think graphite it a no-brainer. There are plenty of light weight steel options out there. Work with a good fitter and you’ll have a set that will last until you’re 70.



  3. Thorick Dino

    Hi Matt – which is the more forgiving irons? PING Karsten or Callaway Big Berthas? Or are they equally forgiving and will boil down to player preference on feel and performance? Thanks!!!!


    • Matt Saternus


      You hit the nail on the head – these are both super forgiving and it’s going to come down to individual player preference.



  4. whst kind of material is the big Bertha made from

  5. Juan Masroua

    Matt i hace a question. I Will buy this set irons. I hit 7 165 yards buy i dont khow what shaft is better for me? Steel shaft regular or stiff? Recoil in stiff?
    I aprecciate your help.
    Thanks .

    • Matt Saternus


      The best thing to do is to try all those options and see what performs best. There’s no way for anyone to make a good recommendation without seeing the data on all the options.



  6. I’m looking at buying these irons used online and for the same price I can get True Temper Speed Step 80 Steel shafts or Step 85 Steel shafts. What is the difference?


  7. Would the Big Bertha be better than the XR irons for distance

    • Matt Saternus


      That’s something you could only discover for yourself in a fitting or at least by testing both head to head. Both irons are designed to be long, so it’s a matter of which one you hit better and which one suits your swing.



  8. Bought these irons. I am hitting as long as I did 20 years ago and straight. Great feel. Everything said by marketing is actually true!! Prior clubs Calloway Xirons graphite. New Big Bertha 4-AW graphite.

  9. I’m 61, a 12 hcp, average one round a week and looking for extra yardage. I’ve played G30s for a couple years and love everything about them but distance. I tested the Big Bertha 7 iron and gained 20 yds of carry! I couldn’t believe my eyes! Too pricey though. So my question is what is comparable to the Big Bertha distance wise in a more righteous price range for me to test?

    • Matt Saternus


      I would recommend seeing a fitter to find a combination that will give you similar distance gains. There’s no reason – outside of what fits you – that one iron in that category should be 20 yards longer than another, so I can’t say what would give you a similar boost.



  10. Matt,

    I have just started playing golf. Looking for a super GI irons. My options are mizuno jpx ez, callaway big bertha, taylormade rsi1 or adams golf a12os or adams blue.

    what is your recommendation?


  11. Hi mat do they have a serial number on them ?

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