CaddyTalk Minimi NR Rangefinder Review

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The CaddyTalk Minimi NR rangefinder is a tiny, lightweight laser that delivers strong performance.  Accurate with three useful modes.  Rechargeable battery.


CaddyTalk burst onto my radar this year with the launch of their innovate CUBE rangefinder [review HERE].  While the CUBE’s Caddy Mode is garnering a lot of attention, CaddyTalk also makes a more affordable rangefinder, the Minimi.  If you want a straightforward laser that you can fit in your pocket, read on.

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Set Up & Ease of Use

Unboxing the CaddyTalk Minimi NR Rangefinder reveals the laser, carrying case, USB cable, user manual, and a cleaning cloth.  My Minimi came with a healthy amount of charge on it, but it’s always a good idea to plug it in before you take it to the course.

caddytalk minimi top view

The basic functions of the Minimi are just like any other rangefinder.  One press of the larger button brings up the aiming reticle, and a second press finds the distance.

Setting the options on the Minimi is done with the Mode button.  Hold it down and you can switch between yards and meters as well as changing modes.  This is an easy process that’s well explained in the user manual.

caddytalk minimi eyepiece

Accuracy & Performance

Starting with the basics, the CaddyTalk Minimi NR Rangefinder is quick and accurate.  It’s not the fastest rangefinder I’ve tested (that remains the Voice Caddie TL1, review HERE), but the difference is literally less than the blink of an eye.  Comparing the Minimi to other, trusted rangefinders, it was consistently within a yard and more often produced the exact same number.

The CaddyTalk Minimi has three modes of operation.  Tournament mode gives the unadjusted distance.  M-Slope is a slope adjustment that also takes into account ball flight.  This means that longer distances get a greater adjustment because longer clubs fly on a flatter trajectory.  Finally, E-Slope kicks things up another notch by taking temperature, humidity, and altitude into account.  I tested the Minimi in a variety of temperatures and locations and found that E-Slope will alter the readings, though it’s typically not dramatic.  I expect you would not see wildly different numbers unless you went from sea level to significant elevations.

CaddyTalk uses a rechargeable battery in the Minimi that’s good for 8,000 activations.  If you used the Minimi three times per hole, that would last for almost 150 rounds.  They’ve also included a battery life indicator, which is something I haven’t seen before.  When the battery hits 20%, an icon pops up on the screen and the vibration is turned off to save energy.

Finally, the Minimi is appropriately named.  It weighs just 4.5 ounces, compared to 8.7 for the aforementioned Voice Caddie TL1.  It also measures a minuscule 1″ wide, 2″ tall, and 3.5″ long.  CaddyTalk claims this is the smallest rangefinder in golf, and I certainly haven’t seen one smaller.  If you have small hands, want to shave every ounce from your rig, or like to carry your laser in your pocket, this is the best laser available.

caddytalk minimi case


The CaddyTalk Minimi NR Rangefinder retails for $280 and is available in black and white.  This is a fair price for the features it provides.  I think the rechargeable battery is a solid plus in the value column as you can avoid buying unusual, expensive batteries.

caddytalk minimi in hand


The CaddyTalk Minimi NR laser rangefinder packs a lot into a tiny package.  It’s quick and accurate, and has three meaningfully different modes.  If you’re looking for a more compact laser and want to ditch conventional batteries, this is worth a look.

Visit CaddyTalk HERE

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  1. James Law

    This one looks great, I don’t play stroke or match play events anymore , blue bnlzers are mean people. Think I’l get this one.

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